Watch Conan Enter The Danger Zone To Interview Archer And Help Him Battle Some Russian Mobsters

By | 14 Comments

Conan invites Sterling Archer onto his show and ends up taking a violent ride to remember while discussing the finer points of Uber.


Dan Stevens Loses It On Live TV When Asked How Many Actors He ‘Beat Off’ For A Role

By | 19 Comments

A host had some very important questions about how many men cousin Matthew has beaten off.


This Headline Either Needs A Comma Or One Mets Fan Is Pretty Dehydrated

By | 7 Comments

This Mets headline is a pretty great example of the power of a comma.

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This PlayStation Vita Plug On ‘Jeopardy!’ Was Awkward In Every Way Possible

By | 7 Comments

'Jeopardy!' recently asked a rather... forced question about the PlayStation Vita, and touching balls.


How Not To Comment On A Skydiver’s Death

By | 7 Comments

In a story that is absolutely not funny, a Canadian parachuting instructor died when he went for a solo jump after a day of taking out first-timers.

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