Warner Archive Finally Releases Gene Roddenberry's Hilarious 'PAX' Pilots

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Gene Roddenberry worked in SF for decades. There's a reason you haven't heard of these until now.


Commercial Pilot Videos Week Of Takeoffs And Landings, Makes Lovely Video With Footage


Pilot Jakub Vlk placed a camera in the cockpit of his plane to capture each stage of takeoff, flight, and landing. The result is this lovely video.


Which of These Six Shows Would You Most Want to See on AMC?

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During a recent AMC pilot presentation, in which hopeful writers and producers laid out plans for their shows to the network's Powers That be, “six scripts [were] identified.

the cw

Don’t Worry, Everyone, George Lopez and Perez Hilton Will Soon Have TV Shows

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I present to you, the Deadline descriptions of two upcoming shows: The CW has picked up two episodes of “Perez Hilton Superfan,” an unscripted series featuring the celebrity blogger getting close and personal with a different superstar each week.


Misquotes, Mispellings, and 'Oh F*ck It's You?'

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Here are three TV news whippits to get your morning rolling: First up, J.


The 15 Most Promising Shows of the 2012 Pilot Season

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I couldn't tell you how many pilots have been announced so far during this pilot season -- 40.


NBC Orders Up ‘Hannibal’ With a Side of Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

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TV-to-movie adaptations are a dime a dozen, but television to film is more rare, and for good reason: It almost never succeeds, even if it's good (as in the case of "Karen Sisco").


Roseanne Barr’s New Sitcom Adds John Goodman, Suddenly Sounds Interesting

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A few weeks ago, when NBC announced that it had picked up a pilot from Roseanne Barr about a mobile home proprietor, I was nonplussed.

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NBC Picks Up More Pilots that No One Will Watch

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NBC, which placed 8th in the ratings last Thursday during "The Firm" (behind even Univision) has picked up several new pilots in an effort to dig itself out of its years' long hole.


“Powers” Not Strong Enough For FX?


So much for that dream: FX has passed on the "Powers" pilot.


Yay, A Jim Gaffigan Show!

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Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comics, and he was always underused on "My Boys.


Seriously, ‘The Serial Killer Whisperer’

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NBC has given a script order to "The Serial Killer Whisperer," which sounds utterly ridiculous but is actually based on a true story of Tony Ciaglia, whose life after a traumatic brain injury is detailed in a new book with the same title.

Snoop Dogg

NBC Picks Up Snoop Dogg’s Sitcom

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Last month, I talked about the Snoop Dogg family sitcom that was in development at Warner Bros TV, and I joked that TBS would be totally down to buy it.


A Coen Brothers TV Project? Nice!

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Joel and Ethan Coen, who are brilliant amazing creative geniuses and I hate you if you disagree, are teaming up with Fox to create their first TV show.

rob schneider

CBS Orders ‘Rob Schneider & Mexicans’

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Rob Schneider married into the wacky ethnic family of Mexican TV producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce (pictured), so of course he turned that into a sitcom idea.


Pilot Review: ‘Free Agents’

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I got my hands on some of the pilots for fall's new shows.


Happy Birthday to Me: TNT Orders Pilot About Crime-Solving Dog

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Hello, and welcome to a watershed day in television history.

spike lee

‘Da Brick’ = ‘Entourage’ + Spike Lee + Mike Tyson

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HBO has placed a pilot order for "Da Brick," loosely based on Mike Tyson's early life.


ABC Orders Kirstie Alley Sitcom Pilot

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Despite being 60 years old, a Scientologist, and completely deluded, Kirstie Alley is still adored by America.

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