San Diego

Pimps In San Diego Make More In One Month Than Most Of Us Tricks Do In A Year

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Pimps makes more in a month than most of us do in a year. I really got into the wrong field.

rick harrison

‘Pawn Stars’ Dude Rick Harrison Says Pimps Are The Best Customers


For the longest time I'd been sort of fascinated by the fact that "Pawn Stars" actually exists.

Real Estate

Seven Items To Leave Behind When You Move

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Recently, my hetero life partner and I decided that it was time for us to move locations from our previously inhabited dingy, Los Angeles-based porn hub to yet another, yet slightly brighter (this time even larger) L.


Pay For The Sex, Stay For The News

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They call it the world’s oldest profession - prostitution.



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Last night, in one of the better "Daily Show" segments I've seen in some time, Wyatt Cenac examined how the crappy economy has affected the rap industry and related businesses by sitting down with Slim Thug and helping him downsize his posse.

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