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An Introduction To City And Colour For Pink Fans Who Just Discovered Dallas Green

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Before he joined Pink for you+me, Dallas Green was -- and is -- the man behind City & Colour. Here's some of his best songs.


Peter Dinklage And Pink Are Among The Celebrities Praising Bill de Blasio's Anti-Horse Carriage Stance

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Peter Dinklage, Pink and Alec Baldwin give NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's quest to end horse-drawn carriages a shot in the arm.


Stream Them If You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Mar 13, 2014

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I won't lie to you, it's slim pickings this week. If you're wanting some streaming, you might be in some trouble.


Kanye West Caught Ranting Profanely About Taylor Swift & Pink On Secretly Recorded Audio

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If Kanye West was pissed about the video for Black Skinhead being leaked, he's really going to be pissed about this rant leaking.


‘Thanks for Sharing': Mark Ruffalo cures his sex addiction with Gwyneth Paltrow

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Were you dying to see a sex addiction movie, but couldn't stomach the sight of Michael Fassbender's massive dong and Carey Mulligan singing off-key into the camera for 75 minutes in Shame.


The Awesome Celebrity Trash Artwork Of Jason Mecier

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Artist Jason Mecier has been making his incredible mosaics for a while now, so I'm not exactly discovering an unknown street artist here.


…And Then Pink Plummeted.

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Pink took her high-flying stage show to Germany, where a miscue during the show's last song sent her tumbling into a barricade.

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