This Local Newsman Is Very Excited To Report About A Man Who Robbed A Waffle House With A Pitchfork

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A man robbed a Waffle House with a pitchfork, but the real entertainment comes from the news report about the robbery.


The 10 Most Hipster Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

By | 22 Comments

You've probably like these hipster bands, if you knew who they were.


Watch Stephen Colbert Crush Pitchfork For Calling The Daft Punk No-Show An Elaborate Publicity Stunt

By | 30 Comments

Stephen Colbert's "Daft Punk'd" spectacular took the internet by storm yesterday but not everyone bought it.


15 Most Hilariously Specific (And Often Terrible) Subgenres Of Music

By | 25 Comments

You haven't listened to music until you've listened to a "happy hardcore" compilation.


Big Boi Kicks An Actual Freestyle

By | 12 Comments

<a href=""> I'm super-jealous that this twerp (I don't personally know this guy, so I think I'm officially doing what the kids call "hating" because I'm envious) got to hang out with <a href="">Big Boi</a>.


Bombs Over Pitchfork

By | 25 Comments

A few months back, my school held a job fair and Pitchfork set up a booth.

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