The Oakland Raiders Are Doing It Wrong And 4 Other Thoughts From This Weekend

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Each week during the NFL season, I’ll be slinging my random, sometimes nonsensical thoughts about what’s going down.


SPOILER ALERT! The Pittsburgh Steelers Will Be In The Dark Knight Rises

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As the occasionally creepy uncle at <a href="">FilmDrunk</a>, I'm usually against posting spoiler images.

Ben Roethlisberger

James Harrison Should Just Stick His Sorrys In A Sack, Mister

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Now that the NFL is back in full swing, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has, as expected, increased his PR efforts in regard to <a href="">his recent interview with Men's Journal</a>, a magazine that I once had in my bathroom because I received four free issues.


James Harrison’s Hole Gets Deeper


According to Drew Brees, the NFL Lockout is almost over.


The 2011 NFL Draft Starts Tonight

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Originally, I was going to put together a first round mock draft to pretend like I had any clue how the 2011 NFL Draft was going to unfold and thankfully I talked myself out of kidding myself.

Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben Cites ‘Religious Beliefs’ In Engagement

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and former Milledgeville-area ladies' man Ben Roethlisberger is revealing details of his engagement to Ashley Harlan.


Last Second Gift Ideas From Ben Roethlisberger’s Wedding Registry

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Update: We had a scheduling issue with this post yesterday, so in case you missed it, we're bumping it to the top of the page.


Brett Keisel Will Shave His Beard

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As a grown man who can only grow random small patches of hair on his face, I’ve admired Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel and his beard for quite some time.

Ben Roethlisberger

How Close Was Rashard Mendenhall To Super Bowl MVP?

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There's only one rabbit that I'm really interested in hunting after Super Bowl XLV, and that's the question of who would have won the MVP if the Pittsburgh Steelers had come from behind in the second half to win the game.


Super Bowl Porn Guy Arrested At Last

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That handsome devil to the right is Frank Tanori Gonzalez, who used to work for Cox Communications in Tucson, Arizona.


Michael Bloomberg Is A Steelers Fan


Actually, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is a New York Jets fan, but he lost a bet with Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl when the Steelers defeated the Jets in the AFC Championship.


Lil Wayne Is A Packer Backer


Rapper Lil Wayne - or Lil Weezy, as I call him when we're knitting - is the latest person to jump on the Wiz Khalifa "Black and Yellow" rewrite bandwagon.


Need A Team To Root For On Sunday?

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The guys at Holy Taco put together a flowchart for you undecideds out there that are looking to root for either the Steelers or Packers this Sunday.


Oh It’s On Now, Steelers Fans

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On Tuesday, <a href="">we introduced you to Molly</a>, a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan with a ukulele, a love for the her team, and pretty decent song rewriting skills.


Porn Star Wants To Show Steeler Love

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Adult actress Diamond Foxxx is a true Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and in the spirit of the Super Bowl XLV season, she's offering other Steelers fans the opportunity to celebrate with her if their team wins the Lombardi Trophy.


What’s So Wrong With Being Obese?

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Fast food restaurants throughout Britain could be the target of a new Fat Tax in 2012 that would charge the owners £1,000 before they open to the public as part of a new program that would create awareness of childhood obesity.

Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben Is Super Bowl’s Most Hated

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The other day, as I was doing pushups at the request of Blake Lively, I was informed of the existence of something called The Hollywood Reporter and a recent survey it conducted regarding Super Bowl XLV.


Twitter-Powered Towel Restores Faith In Humanity

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Some of you are undoubtedly reeling after Homeland Security's seizure and shutdown of the popular streaming video site <a href=""></a>.

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