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Killer Mike Feat. Young Jeezy – “Go Out On The Town” Video

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As part of his continual effort to get folks to PL3DGE their allegiance to the Grind Time Gang's mission of quality rap music, Killer Mike hit up The Snowman to shoot the new video for their duet, "Go Out On The Town.

The R.E.D. Album

Pillow Talk 2K11 – The 15 Most Slept-On Albums Of 2011

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Graphics: Dimplez | Photo: TD They say if you snooze, you lose, and that couldn't be more true for good albums overlooked for numerous reasons.


Killer Mike Talks PL3DGE, Outkast & The Middle Class

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Killer Mike recently stopped by Invasion Radio to rap a taste with hosts DJ Green Lantern and Boss Lady about everything from his new album, middle class America, communicating with T.


“American Dream” – Review Of Killer Mike’s PL3DGE

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Rappers have long documented on the reasoning why they grind, but few have carried their content over into the how's and what's. Killer Mike, on the contrary, has made it his life's mission to show the world just how far a little bit of elbow grease, rhythm and 808s can take you.

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Video: Killer Mike – “Burn” Live

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Killer Kill takes to the stage at an undisclosed location to perform "Burn," also taking a minute to give a brief explanation of the song's intentions.


Killer Mike – “Burn”

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To label Mike Bigga's "Burn" long-awaited would be a supreme understatement, mostly because we've waited with bated breath since hearing early bits of the track in July.


Killer Mike Feat. T.I. – “Ready Set Go”

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I don't know Mike personally, but as a guy who respects his music, I really hope this Grand Hustle situation works.

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