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Watch The Intense Aftermath Of A ‘Failed Hijacking’ That Took Place Aboard A United Flight Monday Night


A plane traveling from Washington DC to Denver had to turn around following this ugly incident.


Science Finally Explains Why We Fart More On Airplanes


The people farting on your flight can't help it: biology and physics are working against them.


Watch Bill O’Reilly And David Letterman Take A Compatibility Test


David Letterman wants to bury the hatchet with folks before he retires, so he's doing a compatibility test with Bill O'Reilly to make peace.


Watch Two Planes Come Devastatingly Close To Colliding At The Barcelona Airport


Watch two planes nearly collide at the Barcelona airport, narrowly avoiding one of the biggest disasters in airport history.

turkish plane

Here’s A Turkish F16 Flying Way Too Low At A British Airshow


Do you like going to airshows during the weekend? This video may change your mind about that.


A Brief Lesson In How To Hit Skydivers With Your Plane, Brought To Us By Florida


During a routine takeoff and landing procedure, a Florida pilot accidentally hit a skydiver's parachute with his Cessna.

SR 72

The SR-71 Blackbird Is Back. And It’s Going To Space.


The SR-72, the Blackbird's successor, will be headed to space.


A Drunk Lady Puked On Ryan Reynolds During A Recent Flight To New Orleans


Ryan Reynolds is currently in New Orleans filming Selfless with Sir Ben Kingsley, and that will be the first film that he’ll release in the wake of the colossal donkey turd bomb that was RIPD.


Supercut: The Worst Flights In Movie History

This mashup featuring crashes, turbulence, terrorists, snakes, and sharks is essentially the worst inflight movie imaginable.


Weekend Movie Guide: Matt Damon’s A Tough Robot Guy In ‘Elysium’


Opening Everywhere: Elysium, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, We’re the Millers, Planes FilmDrunk Suggests: Before Vince left for the Gathering of the Juggalos – where he has already contracted syphilis – he told me that he was very upset that he couldn’t finish his review for Planes, but he said that it is “the single greatest movie that he’s ever seen” and “Dane Cook is the most important actor of this or any generation.


News Station Gets Pranked With Fake Asiana Flight 214 Pilot Names

Bay Area news station KTVU -- clearly having been pranked -- "reports" the names of the four pilots onboard the disastrous Asiana Flight 214 that crashed in San Francisco.


Chinese Airport Worker is Terrible at His Job

It's nearly impossible to be worse at anything than this Chinese freight handler is at his job.


Toy Airplane Fail

Leslie Mills decided to get her husband a toy airplane as a gag gift for his birthday.


Dane Cook Is Still Crop Dusting Us In The New Trailer For Disney’s ‘Planes’


Disney could have picked any actor on the face of the planet to provide the voice of the lead character, Dusty Crophopper, in the upcoming Cars spin-off, Planes.


Dane Cook Appropriately Cast As Dusty The Cropduster In 'Planes'


Originally meant to be a straight-to-DVD excuse to let your TV babysit your children for two hours, Disney’s Planes was instead given an August 9 theatrical release date because producer John Lasseter needs another swimming pool.


Plane Flies Within Feet of Cameraman at 200 MPH

This is what it looks like when a plane nearly takes your head off.


The Truth About Phones on Airplanes

Is there really a technical reason you should have to turn off and stow away your electronic devices during takeoff and landing, or is it just a social ploy by the FAA.


Russian Plane Overshoots Runway, Crashes onto Highway

Dramatic dashcam footage shows debris flying as a plane overshoots its landing at Moscow's Vnukovo airport and crashes onto a highway about 400 meters past the runway.

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