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2014 winter olympics

‘David Attenborough Narrates Curling’ Is Our New Favorite Thing On Planet Earth

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BBC nature documentaries and odd Winter Olympics sports come together at last in David Attenborough Narrates Curling, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Weekend Preview: The Premiere of ‘Veep’

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Veep/Girls (HBO, Sunday) - "Veep," the new political comedy created by Armando Iannucci and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is getting great reviews.


Follow-Up to ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Life’!

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If you've never seen the BBC/Discovery specials "Planet Earth" or "Life" (the British versions with David Attenborough narrating, not <a href="" target="_self">the crappy Oprah one</a>), then you're missing the apex of smoking weed and watching HD television.

David Attenborough


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Everyone I've talked to about Discovery's "Life" has two overriding about it: (1) "Wow, the footage is amazing.

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