Why Pluto Might Be A Planet Again: An Explainer

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Pluto might be coming back to the roster of planets, if a recent debate is any indication. Here's why.


These Delicious Planet Cakes Are Out Of This World!


Have you ever wanted to eat a whole planet? Try one of these spherical cakes, decorated to look like planets, with different colored inner layers.


This Is What It Looks Like When A Planet Falls Into Its Sun

By | 9 Comments

That tail? That's chunks of the planet boiling off.


Red Dwarf Stars Can’t Support Life?


We've got a raging nerd love <a href="">for the Kepler satellite here at Gamma Squad</a> and for excellent reason.

#Star Wars

Kepler Is Finding More Tattooines Every Day?


Kepler is <a href="">finding awesome planets like you find loose change under the couch</a>, and doing it at an incredible rate.

space exploration

NASA Discovers Largest Collection of Planets Orbiting Single Star


It's nice to see those scalawags over at NASA finally doing something useful with their time; a team running the Kepler observatory recently put down their Shake Weights just long enough to discover the largest collection of planets yet discovered orbiting around a single star.

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