'South Park' Takes On Catbreading And Other Memes

Hey, they found our pictures of the UPROXX interns.


‘How To Wear A Man’s Shirt’ Is The Sexy New Planking Replacement


On New Year's Eve, a guy posted a thread on Reddit titled, "Men of reddit, do you find it sexy when girls wear your clothing.


The New York Times Finally Discovered Planking

Let me start off with a disclaimer: I'm not one of those people who revels in bashing the New York Times.


Move Over Planking, It’s Tebowing Time


I’m never going to understand kids these days.


Dwight Schrute Vs. Planking


On a whole I found last night's Office premiere to be fairly disappointing.


Meme Watch: Batmanning Is The New Planking Is The New … You Get The Point

First it was planking, then it was owling, and most recently horsemaning was the big photo fad.


Meme Watch: The World's Most Complete Gallery Of Horsemaning


It seems like only yesterday that kids, adults, professional athletes and even Jay-Z were planking their meme-loving hearts out.


Planker Planked By Would-Be Kitchen Appliance Plankee

Alternate headline: "Great Moments In Planking, That's Gonna Leave A Mark Edition.

#dave grohl

7.14 The Cooler


Zuleyka Silver The Economy Explained: Either Way, You’re Screwed [Gawker] Did Tom Green Invent Planking in 1994.


Ron Artest To London, Dwyane Wade To KFC, Dwight Howard To Plank


It has been 11 days since the NBA’s team owners voted unanimously to lock out the league’s players while a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated, but that hasn’t stopped the players from moving on with their lives, professionally and personally.


NBA Round-Up: Gilbert Arenas Planks While Kobe, Carmelo And Amar’e Pack?

Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas Tweets a lot, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, and his 140-character thoughts usually fall somewhere between “LOL wut a jackazz” and “OK I’ll admit that’s pretty funny”.


The Casey Anthony Trial As Told By Twitter Parody Accounts

If you’re unfamiliar with the 140-character world of Twitter, then you’re probably unaware that there are thousands of celebrity parody accounts currently providing cheap laughs for their followers.


Morning Links: All Us Sports Breakfast Edition


The Morning Links section is all about spreading the love to our friends, peers and Network At Large, but today the sports section is going to be all about With Leather.


Gilbert Arenas Really Loves Planking


As we mentioned earlier, the NBA is less than two days away from taking a seat next to the NFL at the lockout table, and that means that players are going to have to find new ways to keep themselves entertained until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached.

#jimmy kimmel

Rosario Dawson Reveals Her Love For Planking To Jimmy Kimmel

Some people can be forgiven for being late to the planking party, or any party for that matter.


Morning Links: Me, For Some Reason


I'm entering my second month as editor of With Leather, and I don't think the readership totally understands me.


A Golden Treasury Of Planking


You probably already heard a man in Australia fell to his death while “planking” (AKA playing the Lying Down Game), a trend where a person is photographed lying flat in an odd place with their arms stiffly at their sides.

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