Short Film: The Gorillaz’ Journey To Plastic Beach

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<a href=""> Fresh. Definitely larger than most undertakings as <a href="">Gorillaz</a> launch their short movie on the revamped Hulu Channel.

Plastic Beach

Gorillaz – “On Melancholy Hill” Video

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<a href=""> And <a href="">Gorillaz</a> release spankin' new video for "On Melancholy Hill," complete with cameos from the album's collaborative partners and how Noodle's and the band discovered Plastic Beach.

Plastic Beach

Life’s A Beach For The Gorillaz

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<a href="">The virtual band</a> that's getting their fair share of real press as their upcoming album, <a href="">Plastic Beach</a>, gets ready to hit stores.

Plastic Beach

Go­ril­laz “Plas­tic Beach” Or­ches­tral Trail­er

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As their March 8th release date approaches, the <a href="">Gorillaz</a> released an "orchestral trailer" that gives a long, hard look at their upcoming album <a href="">Plastic Beach</a> and what to expect in the weeks to come.

Plastic Beach

Gorillaz Feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def – “Stylo”

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Having sold twelve million with their last two albums, the world's biggest animated band is back with Plastic Beach.

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