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Farrah Abraham’s Most Recent Plastic Surgery Did Not Go Well AT ALL

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Farrah Abraham got some botched plastic surgery which she then shared with the world because Farrah Abraham???


This Florida Woman Spent $20,000 On Surgery To Add A Third Boob To Her Chest Portfolio

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Jasmine Tridevil is either the world's biggest "Total Recall" fan, or she wanted a third boob where no boob should be.


This Woman Spent $30,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian

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For the low, low price of $30,000, you too can look like Kim Kardashian, for some reason.

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The Justin Bieber And Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Look-Alikes Made A Music Video Together

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Three monsters who got plastic surgery to look like celebrities made a music video together. It's horrifying.


This Woman Spent $15,000 On Plastic Surgery So She Could Take Better Selfies

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The selfie craze hits new levels of crazy with the woman who spent thousands of plastic surgery to look better on her phone.


An Important Investigation: Did Ben Savage Get A Nose Job?

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There is definitely something odd going on with Ben Savage's face.


Twin Sisters Get Surgery To Look Even More Alike And It Gets Truly Insane From There

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Twin Australian sisters get surgeries to look even more alike, and they share everything. EVERYTHING!


Lil Kim Is Going To Be A Mom

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Rapper Lil Kim announced last night that she's pregnant and expecting her first child.


Not-At-All Creepy Plastic Surgeon Uses His Daughters As Living Billboards

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"Some people say, 'Isn't it weird that your dad has seen your breasts?' and I say no."


Holy Crap What The Hell Happened To Kenny Rogers’ Face?!

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Kenny Rogers received a lifetime achievement award at the CMAs Wednesday night and looked odd in the process.

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Meet The 33-Year-Old Man Who Spent $100,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber

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I can't think of a better way to spend money than on plastic surgery bills to look like Justin Bieber.


A 14-Year-Old Girl Was Brought To A Plastic Surgeon By Talent Show Organizers

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Organizers of a K-pop talent show told Shimali De Silva to visit a plastic surgeon. She's 14.


This Woman Has Spent $31,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Pam Anderson

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Would you spend over $30,000 to look like Pam Anderson? (No, you would not.)


A Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Sculpted Himself 'The Perfect Wife'

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Let Dr. Matlock show you how to unnaturally "make" the "perfect wife."


A New York City Surgeon Is Offering Free Procedures To Women Who Set Him Up On Dates

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New York Dr. Emil Chynn has found himself on the defensive after being labeled "pompous" by media outlets for being picky with the women that he dates.


Report: Facebook And Skype Leading To Increases In Plastic Surgery

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The solution to looking bad on an optional app? Plastic surgery, naturally, rather than just not holding a phone at a low angle in unflattering light.


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