Top 10 Football Players In The NBA


With football season getting underway yesterday, we are now officially engaged in NFL mode.


A Lot Of People Still Hate Michael Vick

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I once thought that a great idea for a magazine would be Haters – “The publication devoted to people who hate sh*t.


Your NFL Recap: Week Seven

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The word "scrutiny" takes on a new level of intensity when the topic of discussion is Tim Tebow.


“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 6

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Now that “Suck For Luck” is a full blown ordeal – there’s even a Twitter account devoted to it – it’s very amusing to see the general NFL fan’s reaction to the idea that teams might tank some games to secure the guy every analyst this side of Mel Kiper’s phallic eagle swoop is calling the next John Elway.


Joe Namath Thinks Plaxico Burress Is A Sissy

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We’re all a little bit better off when we have more Joe Namath in our lives, so it’s great that he sat down with ESPN New York the other day to talk about the one thing that he knows better than anything else – hot skank poonany the New York Jets passing game.


8.15 The Cooler

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Vanessa Study: Spoilers May Not Ruin Viewer Enjoyment [Yahoo] Malls May Be Struggling, But Outlet Stores Are Booming [Time] 25 Must-Follow Music Insiders on Twitter [Complex] Ice Cube Talks Art, "Boyz N The Hood," and Why He Makes Comedies [West Coast Sound] Plaxico Burress Cried [...].


NFL Lockout Drawing To A Close


So we're back to football.


Things Kids Love: Dog Fighting, Accidentally Shooting Yourself

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Dungy hopes that NFL teams will take a chance on Burress.


Morning Links: I Really Don’t Care How Fat Gina Carano Has Gotten

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I can't claim to know a lot about women's mixed martial arts (except that as a sport, it is arguably creepier to enjoy than joshi), but Gina Carano always seems caught between fighting legitimacy and Anna Kournikovafication, where she's a naturally gifted athlete but people don't really care if she wins or not as long as she's around, because her torso is (was.


Plaxico’s Back!: NFL Receiver Burress Released From Jail

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After serving 22 months in the belly of the beast for shooting himself in the leg, former Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl champ Plaxico Burress is a free man this morning.


Michael Vick Thinks Real Life is ‘The Longest Yard’

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Michael Vick wants the Philadelphia Eagles to sign Plaxico Burress.

Wiz Khalifa

9.2 The Cooler

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Bernice Burgos America Still Loves Mel Gibson [FilmDrunk] Newsweek Says Obama Isn't President [Gawker] Conan’s Got A Lame Name For His (Probably) Awesome New Show [Complex] Alicia Or Swizz: Who's Got More Money in the Bank.


No Plaxico Burress In 2010


Former Giants wideout and current guest of the State of New York Plaxico Burress was denied a work-release application, one which would have allowed him to suit up for the 2010 season.


Plaxico Still In Jail, Still Behaving Badly

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Plaxico Burress, that guy who caught the game-winning touchdown against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, is acting up in jail.


2.4 The Cooler

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Mz Maserati How To Buy A Leather Jacket [GQ] Who Benefits From Toyota's Recall Problem.


10.1 The Cooler

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Jeyne Banks On The Rocks Common Reunites with No I.

#LeBron James

9.25 The Cooler

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Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl model.

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