A Former Playmate Of The Year Was Jailed For Failing To Report Gifts From Her 86-Year Old Lover


Swetlana Maslowskaya reportedly failed to report $2.5 million that she'd received in gifts from her very wealthy and very old sugar daddy back in 2004.


Remember That Terrible Idea For A Pete Rose Reality Show? It’s Still Happening

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While he spends most of his days <a href="">peddling overpriced autographs on his website</a> and pimping his LockerDome webpage <a href="">on Twitter</a>, baseball’s all-time hits leader, Pete Rose, is still trying desperately to cling to relevance ever since he <a href="">seemingly gave up his quest to be admitted into Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame</a>.


Pete Rose Is Getting His Own Reality Show

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With the widespread use of social media and, more specifically the popularity of a jackass like Jose Canseco, I’m surprised that we don’t hear more from or about Pete Rose.

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