Michael Jordan

Making A Statement: Michael Jordan And The Bulls-Knicks Rivalry

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Michael Jordan toyed with the whole of the NBA during his career, but he saved his best for the New York Knicks in the 1990s.


George R.R. Martin Thinks Detroit Lions Fans Should Be ‘Screaming For Referee Blood’

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I have no idea what the author of 'Game of Thrones' is talking about, but I'm sure it'll involve the deaths of hundreds of referees.


I Have Been Ready For Some Football For Two Flippin’ Hours…


I don't know about you guys, but these 3 and 6:30pm ET kickoff times are killing me.


NFL Divisonal Suck-Off, Starring An Angry Bart Scott

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Jets 28, Patriots 21. If you haven't seen Bart Scott's pro-westling-style interview with ESPN from last night, drop everything and watch it now.


Boston, NY Ready For Some ‘Foot’-ball

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By now, images of the New York Post and Metro Boston weekend covers are everywhere, and it's safe to say that both organizations have outdone themselves.


Do NFL Opponents Need To Tone Down The Rhetoric?

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Most of you have already caught Jets coach Rex Ryan picking a war of words with Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who mumbled away from the bait, and then there was Antonio Cromartie calling Tom Brady an @sshole.


Todd Haley Acted Like Todd Haley During Game Against Ravens

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If anyone was watching the Ravens-Chiefs game Sunday, you might have noticed that the Chiefs offense wasn't as good in the second half than the first.


Stick A Football Fork In The NY Giants?

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The Giants, who started out 5-2 before their bye week, have now gone 4-4 after it and look to other teams to help them squeeze into the playoffs after getting embarrassed against the Packers in Wisconsin, 45-17.


Haters Gonna Hate The NFC West

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After the San Francisco 49ers were pummeled by the San Diego Chargers last night, they still only trail the leaders of their division by a single game.


MLB Considers Expanding Playoffs…Again


Major League Baseball, perhaps saddened by the loss of their marquee teams from this year's World Series (which starts on Wednesday night, for some reason), might be open to expanding their postseason format, according to the new head of the players' union.


Jim Furyk DQ’d For Oversleeping, Throws Cell Phone Under the Bus

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Everybody's had those Rip Van Winkle days when we fade off to sleep forgetting to recharge our phone batteries and wake up to the realization that the Turkish immigrants you hired to dust your house for two bucks an hour have been banging on the screen door for almost half the day.



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Somebody sent me this Gay piece from the Wall Street Journal a couple days back and I didn't really give it much thought at the time (I blame the meth), but the more I thought about it, the more I got irritated by this little passage on the front end of it: May I root against the New Orleans Saints.



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Cardinals 51, Packers 45 (OT). Aaron Rodgers rallied the Packers out of 17-point deficit to force overtime--and then surrendered the ball on what was technically ruled a fumble that Karlos Dansby ran back for the game winner.



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The New York Giants needed a win to stay in the NFC playoff race, and they got it.

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