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Sony’s ‘Playstation Now’ Will Finally Bring Top PS3 Games To The PS4 This Month

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Sony is finally launching it's Netflix-like game streaming service in a little over a week.

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‘The Last Of Us’ Being Made Into A Movie By Screen Gems And Sam Raimi

By | 21 Comments

We've repeatedly praised 'The Last Of Us', but could it really translate into a live-action feature film? Screen Gems and Sam Raimi think so.

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The 15 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2014

By | 22 Comments

The games that will gamers geekin' in 2014.

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Infographic: PS3 And Xbox 360 All Took Four Years To Peak

By | 11 Comments

According to the stats, no gaming console peaks right out the gate.

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#5 – 1)

By | 155 Comments

Our rather eclectic list of the best Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games reaches it's conclusion...

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#50 – 41)

By | 54 Comments

As the curtain closes on the seventh console generation, let's take a look at the best of the best on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii...

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NBA 2K14’s Trailer Set To “Hate Me Now”…Yes Please

By | 18 Comments

Just as everyone is ripping the packaging off of their copies of Madden, 2K14 drops a nuke to remind everyone who's the top dog in the sports video game field.


‘The Last Of Us': Five Ways It’s A Great Game (And Five Ways It Isn’t)

By | 41 Comments

'The Last Of Us' is possibly one of the best games of this console generation... but that doesn't mean there aren't any flaws.

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‘Rain’ Is One Storm You’ll Want To Stay Out In

By | 9 Comments

A new trailer for Sony's refreshingly creative 'Rain'...

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‘The Last Of Us': Get Properly Hyped With 45-Minutes Of In-Game Footage

By | 7 Comments

Get a good look at how 'The Last of Us' actually plays in a hefty chunk of in-game footage...

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Will The Next Xbox Fall Victim To The Third Console Curse?

By | 20 Comments

The next Xbox will be the third console from Microsoft. Will it suffer from the third console curse?


‘Saints Row 4′ Was Going To Feature Stephen Colbert, “The Rock,” Dragons

By | 6 Comments

What started as a Costco-brand alternative to Grand Theft Auto has evolved into one of gaming's biggest cult hits, and if you aren't already hip, upcoming Saints Row IV should give you the perfect opportunity to catch up.

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“BOOM! Blue And Orange!” The Entire PS4 Event Summarized In Under Four Minutes

By | 3 Comments

This parody video aptly summarizes last night's PS4 press conference in only three and a half minutes of cheeky British wit.

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Sony Unveils The Playstation 4 In An Endurance Testing Press Conference

By | 53 Comments

Playstation 4 is coming this year and bringing new Killzone, InFAMOUS, and more with it...


Five Ways To Make ‘NBA 2K14’s’ My Career Mode Not So Unbearable

By | 45 Comments

The football season is winding down making way for us to turn our attention to the happenings in the NBA, which - if you're like me - means it's about time to actually crack open NBA 2K13.

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'Psychonauts' Being Re-Released As a PS2 Classic

By | 3 Comments

Yes, it's yet another 'Psychonauts' port! Admit it, you're buying it for, like, the third time.

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Sony Gets Creative At Gamescom 2012 — Check Out Trailers For 'Tearaway', 'Rain', 'Until Dawn' and 'Puppeteer'

By | 2 Comments

Sony is not in a great place right now, but the company's issues don't seem to have negatively impacted its creativity...

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5 Reasons The PlayStation is Toast

By | 26 Comments

Don't get too attached to the PlayStation 4. It's not going to be around very long.

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E3 Predictions — The Likely to Not So Likely Things We're Going to See From Sony, EA and Activision

By | 4 Comments

Yesterday I put on my games journalism hat, tapped into my deep well of inside sources and rocked the industry with my E3 predictions for Nintendo and Microsoft, and I'm not done yet.

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