‘Powers’ Recap: Superhero Semi-Noir


The pilot of 'Powers' has a few problems, but Sharlto Copley makes it worth watching just on its own.

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FBI: Arrested Bloods Gang Members Using Playstation Network To Communicate

Over the weekend Public Intelligence published an FBI memo in which the agency warns law enforcement officials that gang members under house arrest are using the Playstation Network to communicate with each other, circumventing the traditional communications surveillance measures that have been in place.


So, What’s PSN Got For a Loot Drop?


As we all know, the inconvenience of the PlayStation Network being offline ended as of last weekend.

playstation network

PSN Coming Back This Week?

As most PS3 owners know, because 360 owners won't stop gloating about it, the PlayStation Network is still down, thus bringing sadness to all the griefers and that thirteen-year-old who swears every third word because he thinks it makes him edgy and inspires gamers to new heights of team-killing.


Facebook Announces New Features For Users To Whine About

It's the day anybody on Facebook dreads: the day Facebook announces any sort of change at all.


Online PS3 Gaming Dispute Ends With Real Life Ass Kicking

Do not let your eyes deceive you, readers.

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Classic Side-Scrolling Returns, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

Better grab another juice box and lock that tree fort hatch, looks like we'll all be putting in some extra man hours on our gaming consoles soon.

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