Why The PlayStation TV Might Be The Most Important Announcement Of E3

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The PlayStation TV was announced yesterday... and that might be the most important announcement of E3.

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This PlayStation Vita Plug On ‘Jeopardy!’ Was Awkward In Every Way Possible

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'Jeopardy!' recently asked a rather... forced question about the PlayStation Vita, and touching balls.

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The PlayStation Vita TV Is The First Microconsole Worth Buying

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The PlayStation Vita TV is here to really ruin Microsoft's day.

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‘Valhalla Knights 3′ Has Possibly The Most Stereotypical, NSFW Trailer Ever

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'Valhalla Knights 3' is an RPG for the PlayStation Vita, and now has a trailer that will reinforce every stereotype we have about the Japanese.

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So The New iPad Is Graphically Superior To The PlayStation Vita

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The Vita is facing even more trouble. And yes, from Apple again.

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Sony Pretty Much Rocked The Vita At Gamescom

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Yeah, apparently they're taking this whole "nobody likes the Vita" thing a bit more seriously now.

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Sony Gets Creative At Gamescom 2012 — Check Out Trailers For 'Tearaway', 'Rain', 'Until Dawn' and 'Puppeteer'

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Sony is not in a great place right now, but the company's issues don't seem to have negatively impacted its creativity...

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E3 Predictions — The Likely to Not So Likely Things We're Going to See From Sony, EA and Activision

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Yesterday I put on my games journalism hat, tapped into my deep well of inside sources and rocked the industry with my <a href="" target="_blank">E3 predictions for Nintendo and Microsoft</a>, and I'm not done yet.

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Japanese Developers Abandon the Vita Just in Time for Its American Launch


Sony's newest portable, the PlayStation Vita arrives today -- or at least it does if you pre-ordered the special edition bundle (if you didn't, you'll have to wait until next week).


Sony Really Doesn’t Want You To Buy the PlayStation Vita

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With Nintendo's 3DS taking a nosedive, the time was ripe for Sony to finally step in and conquer the handheld gaming world.

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This Is How Popular AT&T Is (SPOILER: Not Very)


The above video discussing the PlayStation Vita and the fact that it was on AT&T was from some sort of gamer-dork conclave, right.

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