‘Powers’ Gets A Release Date And A Poster

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'Powers,' after years in the works, finally arrives.


A Kid In Florida Called 911 Over The Christmas Playstation Network Outage

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When you can't get online to play your favorite video games on Playstation 4, who you gonna call? 911, of course.

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Here Are The 20 Essential PSOne Classics To Play In Honor Of Playstation’s 20th Birthday

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Here's 20 PSOne Classics you can grab cheap and easy on your Vita of PS3 to celebrate the Playstations 20th b-day.

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Sony Is Going To Be Making A Lot Of Movies Based On Video Games

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Sony is getting into the video game movie business in a big, big way.


The First Trailer For ‘Powers’ Proves That Sony Isn’t Making Your Usual Superhero Tale

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Sony is looking to make a big splash with 'Powers,' their first streaming series exclusive to the Playstation console.


Russia’s First Comic-Con Was Puttin’ On The Ritz This Weekend

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Did you wake up this morning thinking you'd see an authentically Russian Black Widow or a Russian Captain America? What a time to be alive.

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Can Sony Replace Your Cable With A PlayStation?

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Sony is about to get into the cable business, in a big way. But will it work?


Why The PlayStation TV Might Be The Most Important Announcement Of E3

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The PlayStation TV was announced yesterday... and that might be the most important announcement of E3.

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You May Soon Be Able Play PS1, PS2 and PS3 Games On Your Playstation 4

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If rumors are true, you may soon be able to play almost every major Playstation game ever on your PS4...


‘Powers’ Finally Comes To TV Via A Game Console

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'Powers' will be heading straight to series... but if you want to see it, you'd better get a PlayStation.

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This ‘inFamous: Second Son’ Spot Is The Closest We’ll Get To An inFamous Movie

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inFamous: Second Son has a live action spot better than some superhero movies.

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This Is Probably Your PS4 Controller

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A picture of the controller for Sony's next generation system has leaked...

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Sony Gets Creative At Gamescom 2012 — Check Out Trailers For 'Tearaway', 'Rain', 'Until Dawn' and 'Puppeteer'

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Sony is not in a great place right now, but the company's issues don't seem to have negatively impacted its creativity...

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5 Reasons Sony's Financials May Mean The End Of the PlayStation


As you may or may not know, Sony has been taking a beating over the last year.

well at least its fairly normal for japan

PlayStation 3 To Get High-Res Lingerie Catalogs?


The next frontier in making you throw out your old TV and buy a new $5000 one is to quadruple the resolution of the images.


The PS3 Will Edit Video Because…?

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You know, of all the functionalities that could be added to a game console, we're pretty sure the ability to edit video is the last one that anybody was clamoring for.

uh oh

PS3 Cracked Again?


Hey, remember when <a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8478764.stm">George Hotz cracked the PS3</a>, and Sony went about shutting him down in a heavy-handed way, and Anonymous threw a hissy fit because a large corporation being upset that some hacker was setting up their games to be pirated was Not OK, so they shut down the entire PlayStation Network.

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FBI: Arrested Bloods Gang Members Using Playstation Network To Communicate


Over the weekend <a href="http://publicintelligence.net/ules-fbi-bloods-street-gang-communicating-through-playstation-network-psn/">Public Intelligence published an FBI memo</a> in which the agency warns law enforcement officials that gang members under house arrest are using the Playstation Network to communicate with each other, circumventing the traditional communications surveillance measures that have been in place.

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