Get Ready For The ‘Is Pluto A Planet?’ Debate To Fire Up Again

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Pluto may return to being a planet, scientifically speaking. But it'll always be a planet in our hearts.


Why Pluto Might Be A Planet Again: An Explainer

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Pluto might be coming back to the roster of planets, if a recent debate is any indication. Here's why.


Future – “Turn On The Lights” Video

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Pending you gave Future's Pluto a fair shot, knowing "Turn On The Lights" would be a single at some point was nothing more than a waiting game.


Pluto Has A Fifth Moon — Does This Mean It Can Be A Planet Again?

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Pluto may no longer be a planet according to stick-in-the-mud scientists out to make my childhood space atlas obsolete, but Pluto's downgrade doesn't seem to be having any effect on its ability to attract moons.


Hey Girl, Neil deGrasse Tyson Would Like To Show You The Scale Of The Universe

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, taking a break from reading all the hate mail he gets from children for saying Pluto isn't a planet, posted a link to the updated, corrected, interactive scales of the universe on his Facebook page.


Pluto’s Biggest Fan, Awkward Daleks, and Links


Facebook Fail-Log Special Edition: Dateline Japan [Uproxx] Fake Twain, MLK Quotes Spread, Spark Meme [Uproxx] Has BlackBerry Given Up.

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