Talking Points Podcast

Singer Sid Sriram Explains How To Separate The Music From The Business

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Sid Sriaram is the latest guest for the Talking Points podcast.


Jim Ross Talks Betty And Veronica, NJPW, And Bad In-Flight Movies On ‘This Week In Marvel’

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Jim Ross called in to Marvel's weekly podcast to talk about New Japan Pro Wrestling and an appreciation for comics that spans decades.


These Lunatics Watched ‘Grown Ups 2′ Every Monday For An Entire Year

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You don't know what crazy feels like until you've seen "Grown Ups 2" every week for an entire year, like these guys have.


First Jay, Now The Prosecutor From ‘Serial’ Is Telling His Side

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Prosecutor Kevin Urick calls the case against Adnan Syed 'pretty much a run-of-the-mill domestic violence murder.'

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

James Gunn Reveals Which Characters He Wasn’t Allowed To Show In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

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James Gunn talks about the characters he wasn't allowed to put in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy', and why.


Roman Reigns, The New John Cena, Doesn’t Want To Be Compared To John Cena

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Roman Reigns says he doesn't want to be compared to John Cena, despite being WWE's color-swapped new John Cena. Believe THAT~!


The Infamous Jay From The ‘Serial’ Podcast Says He’s Ready To Talk

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If you listened to Serial you probably have a lot of thoughts about Jay, who now says he's ready to be interviewed on the record.


‘Of Course I Have An Ending': On The First Season Finale Of ‘Serial’

By | 15 Comments

A discussion about the first season finale of "Serial," and endings in general.


Let’s Check In With ‘Serial': Where Are We Now?

By | 14 Comments

It's been a few weeks since we checked in with "Serial." Let's check in with "Serial."


Ryback’s Latest Comments On CM Punk Make A Lot Of Sense And Don’t Involve Action Figures

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Ryback was interviewed by The Franchise 107.7 Sports Radio and commented on CM Punk's accusation that he broke Punk's ribs on purpose.


Kurt Angle Announced Where He’ll Be Wrestling In 2015 And The Answer Will Shock You

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After a year of teasing a return to WWE, Kurt Angle made an announcement about where he'll be wrestling in 2015. It's true.


With All This Talk Of ‘Brass Rings,’ Let’s Revisit CM Punk’s Still-Relevant Pipe Bomb Promo

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Back in 2011, CM Punk shook WWE with his "pipe bomb" promo. 3 years later Vince still says nobody's grabbed his brass rings. Why? And how?

vince mcmahon

Everything You Need To Know From The Austin/McMahon Podcast: CM Punk, Cesaro And Millennials

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's live podcast with Vince McMahon on the WWE Network had no shortage of interesting information.


Here’s What We Learned From CM Punk’s Site-Crashing Podcast Appearance

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Strap in, folks. CM Punk finally broke his silence on his departure from WWE, and it looks like he's not afraid of burning bridges.

White EP (Jarell Perry)

Singer Jarell Perry Speaks On Stereotypes And Artistic Evolution On The Latest ‘Talking Points’ Podcast

By | 3 Comments

Southern California native Jarell Perry is the featured guest on the latest episode of the Talking Points podcast.

This Week in Hype Podcast

‘This Week in Hype’ Podcast With John Gotty

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John Gotty is the latest guest for This Week In Hype podcast.

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