Now War Machine Is Writing Spooky Halloween Poetry About His Suicide Attempt

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War Machine posted a pair of tweets last night, including a Halloween poem about his suicide attempt and complaints about how he's hungry.


War Machine Has Returned To Twitter, Is Now A Poet Who Is Into Nietzsche

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Former MMA fighter War Machine returned to Twitter with a Nietzsche quote and an original poem about how Christy Mack deserved it.

#Star Wars

Star Wars Megafan Retells The Story Of ‘A New Hope’… As Haiku


'Star Wars' gets the polysyllabic treatment, courtesy of a huge fan.


James Franco Released Some Of His Poems And They Are Classic Franco

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Have you ever wanted Heath Ledger or Lindsay Lohan themed poetry from James Franco? You know you do.


Bot Or Not Proves That Computers And Humans Both Suck At Poetry


Bot Or Not is a site that asks you to distinguish between bad human poety and bad robot poetry. It's a lot harder than it sounds.


Kristen Stewart Is A Poet Now And Wrote Some Beautiful Words About Wiffle Ball

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In a new interview with Marie Claire, Kristen Stewart reveals her artistic side with a poem about wiffle ball or something.


Meanwhile, In Brooklyn: Girl Tearfully Frolics In Kiddie Pool Filled With Milk While Reciting Poetry

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"This girl actually just rolls around in an inflatable pool full of milk, whilst pouring a 40 full of milk all over herself, whilst reciting a bizarre poem."


‘BJJ Is Gay’ Says Shirtless YouTube Poet

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Freddie, shirtless guy on the Internet, is here with his latest rap-poem BJJ IS GAY, about how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is about gay people, gangbangs and dicks.


Chael Sonnen Trash Talk Watch: The People’s Champ Called Shogun ‘Dead Wood’

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On Saturday night, the UFC will kick off a new era of sports television with the promotion’s debut on the much-hyped Fox Sports 1 network, which will supposedly attempt to give the folks in Bristol a run for their debate-embracing money.


Read Amanda Palmer’s Terrible Ode To One Of The Boston Bombers, ‘A Poem For Dzhokhar’

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Amanda Palmer wrote a poem about one of the Boston bombers called "A Poem For Dzhokhar." It's terrible.

tom lennon

Tom Lennon Bought A Poem About His Dog From A New Orleans Street Poet And It’s Just Beautiful

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Tom Lennon, he of The State and Reno 911, has been vacationing in New Orleans all week. Yesterday, he ran into street poet Erin Lierl. Beauty ensued.


The ‘New York Times’ Turns Run-Of-The-Mill Articles Into Brilliant Haikus


Launched as an April Fools' Day joke, the New York Times Haiku Tumblr is actually kind of amazing.

#james franco

I wrote some haikus about the poem James Franco wrote for Obama

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So here's James Franco reading his poem, "Obama in Asheville," something that he was asked to write for President Obama's inauguration (at least according to the poem itself).


Pentametron Makes Twitter The World's Greatest Poet

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There are a lot of oft-repeated quotes from famous artists defining what art truly is to them: "Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.


Jabari Greer Responded To Bounty Accusations With A Poem

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Fortunately for the New Orleans Saints, the beginning of free agency was more important to the majority of us fans of loser teams, so a lot of us checked out on that whole “paying players to hurt opponents” things.


More Charlie Sheen poetry: ‘Vaginal riots in the Middle East’

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I know we're all sick of Charlie Sheen news or at least pretend to be, but as the sticker on the back of my rascal scooter says, "I brake for poems.


Troma discovers 1989 film based on the poetry of Charlie Sheen

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Anyone who's heard Charlie Sheen's rants about F-18s and Warlock Torpedoes (so basically everyone) knows that the man has a way with words.

tim burton

Tim Burton wrote a poem about Johnny Depp

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God knows why we're only hearing about it now, but it turns out Johnny Depp has long been Tim Burton's muse, and I'm not speaking solely of cinema.

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