Harry Potter Fans Transformed A Polish Castle Into Hogwarts

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A group of Harry Potter super fans and live-action role playing enthusiasts have created a real-life Hogwarts at a castle in Poland.


It’s Hard To Blame This Distraught Father For Throwing His Chair At A Judge

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A grief-stricken father threw his chair at a judge for what she did.


They Tried To Separate These Lustful Donkeys, But Love Conquers All In The End

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A decision by officials in Poland has been reversed, allowing a common law marriage between two donkeys to continue.


Roman Polanski Is Prepping A Feature In Poland, Where He Won’t Be Extradited

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Roman Polanski is prepping his next film in Poland, which is apparently a great place to work if you don't want to get extradited to the US on rape charges.


Important Sports News: Shaq Doesn’t Know What A Pierogi Is

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Other sports things are happening, but the important thing you need to know is that Shaq thinks pierogis are Polish sausages.


How To Remove Ice From A Car In Poland


Poland, where owning an ice scraper is completely pointless.


These Posters For The Polish Erotic Film Festival Are Pretty Great

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These posters for the Polish Erotic Film Festival offer sexy twists on some of the classics. And by that I mean they have penises and vaginas in them.


This Guy Built Leonardo Da Vinci’s Viola Organista, And It Sounds Awesome

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Polish concert pianist Sławomir Zubrzycki has built a working viola organista based on Leonardo da Vinci's sketch.


Popek Rak Is Back And Still Slicing Off Entire Sections Of His Own Face

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MMA fighter, rapper and noted lunatic Popek Rak is back with another scarification video, this time adding symmetry to his face with an x-acto knife. Eesh.


Polish Bricklayers Use The ‘Flying Shovel’ Technique


It takes an impressive amount of skill to pull this off (and a special kind of dedication to ignore easier methods).

#Justin Bieber

BIEBER MELTDOWN WATCH: Biebs Ripped Off His Shirt To Go Through Airport Security, Spit On His Neighbor

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Poutine-flavored pop tart Justin Bieber's circling of the drain shows no signs of letting up. Put on a Goddamn shirt, kid.


Bizarre Driving in Reverse Sequence


A woman in Poland falls out of her car while backing up.


There’s A Polish Joke In Here Somewhere

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I can't claim to know much about the Dutch second division, nor do I know about De Graafschap or SC Veendam.


Polish Military Drill Close Call


A military drill in Poland nearly turns fatal when a soldier inadvertently fires his gun, knocking the beret off the man in front of him.


Driving Through a Polish Store


A group of Polish gigglers manage to get their vehicle through the front door of a Tesco and go on a little joy ride.


People Who Threaten To Leave The Country If Their Candidate Doesn’t Win Have No Excuse Now

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Every presidential election season there are hardline ideologues who claim that they'll move to another country if their preferred candidate doesn't win, and every presidential election season there are hardline ideologues who don't keep their promise to move when their preferred candidate doesn't win. No excuses now.


The Prokom Cheerleaders Seem Nice

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I have to admit that I have been slacking in my fanfare of Polish sports these days, but I’m trying very hard to catch up on such time-honored classics as underwater breath holding and the two-legged race.

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