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SyFy’s ‘Lavalantula’ Is A Movie About Fire-Breathing Spiders Starring The Cast Of ‘Police Academy’

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In addition to fire-breathing spiders attacking L.A., SyFy's 'Lavalantula' will star three cast members from the original 'Police Academy.'


A Pennsylvania Cop Has Been Dressing In Amish Drag To Investigate A Serial Flasher


If this isn't a movie titled "Police Academy: Going Buggy" within two years, we've all failed.


Key And Peele May Be Helping To Bring A ‘Police Academy’ Remake To The Big Screen

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Key And Peele have created a nice little slice of comedy heaven for themselves on Comedy Central, but can they revitalize the 'Police Academy' franchise?

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10 Things You Might Not Know About 'Police Academy' On Its 30th Anniversary

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Not only did 'Police Academy' spawn incredibly too many sequels, but it also has its own stunt show in Spain. I'm not even kidding.

why god why?

Because We Needed A ‘Police Academy’ Reboot

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In case you missed it, I recently wrote a feature about Hollywood’s love affair with using the Cold War as a backdrop in films, and one of the movies that I highlighted was Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, the seventh and final Police Academy film, released in 1994.

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McCreerin’ Makes The World Work

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Up next: the cast of "Glee" mashes up "God Bless America" with "Party Rock Anthem".

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Holy Sh*t, the Police Academy dude can really mouth shred

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Remember Michael Winslow, the comedian best known as the guy in Police Academy who could make any sound with his mouth.

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Michael Winslow Performs Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ With His Mouth

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Each time I see Michael Winslow do the things he does with his mouth I wonder, "How is this guy not a bigger star".

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RIP, Hightower. Bubba Smith dead at 66.

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Bubba Smith, probably best known as Hightower in the Police Academy movies, died yesterday in his home at the age of 66.


Bubba Smith, 1945-2011: A Video Tribute

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Former NFL star and delightful comedic giant, Charles "Bubba" Smith was found dead in his Los Angeles home yesterday, apparently from natural causes.



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A lot people say Hollywood is out of ideas.


Sgt. Larvelle Jones Rocks The Pump


What do you get if you put Michael Winslow from "Police Academy" in a Reebok commercial.

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