Authorities In Hong Kong Are Looking For A Teenage Girl Who Pulled Off A $4 Million Diamond Heist

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According to authorities in Hong Kong, a teenage girl was part of a team responsible for stealing a $4 million diamond necklace.


Big Sexy Is Out Of The Big House: All Charges Against Kevin Nash Have Been Dropped

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Kevin Nash has been cleared of battery charges, but the drama isn't over yet.


Kevin Nash’s Son Says He Got Chokeslammed During Their Christmas Eve Fight

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Kevin Nash's teenage son is claiming the former wrestling champion chokeslammed him during the Christmas eve fight that got them arrested.


Kevin Nash Got Arrested For Fighting His Teenage Son On Christmas Eve

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Former WWE and WCW Champion Kevin Nash was taken into custody early Christmas eve morning for an incident involving his 18-year old son.


A Member Of The Hart Family Is Wanted For Sexual Assault And Yes, It’s Teddy

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Another day, another wrestler sexual assault story. This time it's Teddy Hart, oldest grandchild of Stu and Helen Hart, wanted in Canada.


Heath Slater Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest And It Doesn’t Sound Good

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of WWE's Heath Slater involving an alleged incident at a WrestleMania after party in 2011.


Two Drunk Guys In San Antonio Got Into An Argument About Wrestling And One Of Them Got Shot

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A drunken argument about wrestling turned into a drunken wrestling match, which turned into a shooting.


War Is Over: War Machine Has Been Captured And Arrested In California

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War Machine has been captured and arrested in California for the brutal beating of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. No, Dog wasn't there.


Randy Orton Got Pulled Over FROM OUTTA NOWHERE By The Florida State Highway Patrol Today

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WWE'S Randy Orton was pulled over by police today and the reason why will shock you. (It's actually a pretty boring reason.)


Claude Giroux Got Arrested Last Night For Groping A Male Police Officer’s Butt

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Flyers captain Claude Giroux spent Tuesday night in jail for "repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer." Whoops!


WWE’s Emma Missed Raw Because She Was Being Arrested For Shoplifting At Walmart

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WWE Diva Emma missed Monday's Raw because she was being arrested and taken into custody for trying to shoplift an iPhone case from Walmart.


A Pennsylvania Cop Has Been Dressing In Amish Drag To Investigate A Serial Flasher


If this isn't a movie titled "Police Academy: Going Buggy" within two years, we've all failed.


Man Arrested For Running Illinois Meth Lab Wears A Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt In His Mug Shot

By | 10 Comments

It's not exactly another episode of our Breaking Bad in Real Life series, but it's close enough!

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