A Member Of The Hart Family Is Wanted For Sexual Assault And Yes, It’s Teddy

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Another day, another wrestler sexual assault story. This time it's Teddy Hart, oldest grandchild of Stu and Helen Hart, wanted in Canada.


Heath Slater Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest And It Doesn’t Sound Good

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of WWE's Heath Slater involving an alleged incident at a WrestleMania after party in 2011.


Two Drunk Guys In San Antonio Got Into An Argument About Wrestling And One Of Them Got Shot

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A drunken argument about wrestling turned into a drunken wrestling match, which turned into a shooting.


War Is Over: War Machine Has Been Captured And Arrested In California

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War Machine has been captured and arrested in California for the brutal beating of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. No, Dog wasn't there.


Randy Orton Got Pulled Over FROM OUTTA NOWHERE By The Florida State Highway Patrol Today

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WWE'S Randy Orton was pulled over by police today and the reason why will shock you. (It's actually a pretty boring reason.)


Claude Giroux Got Arrested Last Night For Groping A Male Police Officer’s Butt

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Flyers captain Claude Giroux spent Tuesday night in jail for "repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer." Whoops!


WWE’s Emma Missed Raw Because She Was Being Arrested For Shoplifting At Walmart

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WWE Diva Emma missed Monday's Raw because she was being arrested and taken into custody for trying to shoplift an iPhone case from Walmart.


A Pennsylvania Cop Has Been Dressing In Amish Drag To Investigate A Serial Flasher


If this isn't a movie titled "Police Academy: Going Buggy" within two years, we've all failed.


Man Arrested For Running Illinois Meth Lab Wears A Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt In His Mug Shot

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It's not exactly another episode of our Breaking Bad in Real Life series, but it's close enough!

The Sopranos

The Former Owner Of The Real-Life Bada Bing From ‘The Sopranos’ Is Now A Mob Rat

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Turns out the owner of the real-life Bada Bing did some shady waste-hauling deals and has ties to the Jersey mob. Who woulda seen that coming?


Michigan State Recruit Jayru Campbell Bodyslammed A Security Guard. Not Pictured: Big Boot, Leg Drop.

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High school QB and Michigan State recruit Jayru Campbell is in trouble after (shoot) bodyslamming a security guard. Time for the People's Elbow!


Kentucky Authorities Are Closing In On The Culprit In The $26,000 Pappy Van Winkle Heist

By | 22 Comments

It is impossible to read a story about Kentucky crime without making "Justified" refereces.

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