#Independent Wrestling

Tragedy Strikes Pro Wrestling As Supercop Dick Justice Gets Shot By A Referee With An Invisible Gun

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What happens when you pull a fake gun during a wrestling match? Sometimes you get shot by your own gun by the ref, as Dick Justice learned.

#Independent Wrestling

Here’s The Fourway Mexican Standoff With Invisible Guns Pro Wrestling Has Always Needed

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A Beyond Wrestling tag team match turned violent when the INVISIBLE HANDGUNS came out. This is the horrific scene.


The Ballsiest Pug You’ve Ever Seen Took On A Police K-9 Unit In Phoenix

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A dangerous police standoff in Phoenix was briefly interrupted by a random pug that had some beef with the K-9 German Shepherd.


Thiago Silva Got into a Police Standoff Last Night

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MMA fighter Thiago Silva got into a police standoff on Thursday after hearing that his wife was having an affair with her jiu-jitsu coach.

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