41 GIFs To Celebrate Carla Gugino's 41st Birthday

By | 19 Comments

We're big Carla Gugino fans around these parts. We defy you not to be.


Weekend Preview: Not Even Carla Gugino’s Typewriter Can Salvage ‘Political Animals’

By | 6 Comments

A look at the television highlights this weekend, including 'Breaking Bad' and Carla Gugino's 'Political Animals.'


Weekend Preview: The One Who Knocks Has Come A' Knockin'

By | 12 Comments

Walter White, the one who knocks, returns along with "Breaking Bad" this Sunday on AMC. Plus, the rest of the weekend's highlights.


Finally a USA Network Show that Will Get to the Point

By | 5 Comments

I like some of the USA Network fare -- it's solid, escapist, and entertaining television that can be watched in the background while you're doing something else.

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