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Dropkick Murphys To Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: ‘We Literally Hate You’

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Dropkick Murphys responded with some serious vitriol when they learned that Scott Walker used their hit cover song, 'Shipping Up to Boston.'

belle knox

A Politician Followed Duke Porn Star Belle Knox On Twitter, But Says He Got Hacked

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In other countries, heads of state have mistresses and do weird sex stuff and it isn't a scandal, because people understand that politics naturally attracts emotionally needy love-me-daddy sociopaths.


Watch The Mayor Of A Korean Town Get Egged Because He Relocated Its Baseball Team


In Korea, if you move the baseball team, you're likely to get eggs thrown at you.

rick perry

Rick Perry Was All Smiles For His Booking And Then He Got Some Ice Cream

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Texas Governor Rick Perry turned himself in on charges of abuse of power today, and he followed it up with a delicious scoop of ice cream.


A Politician Will Pay $100K For ‘Sex Videos’ Of Reviled Wild Animal-Killing Cheerleader Kendall Jones

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A crazy politician will offer a cool $100,000 to see Kendall Jones in the nude.


Congressman Vance McAllister Was Busted Cheating On His Wife And He’s Super Sorry

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Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister was caught on surveillance video kissing a woman who works as his district scheduler.

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Leland Yee, Crusader Against Video Game Violence, Has Been Arrested For Selling Real Guns

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Leland Yee is the latest moral crusading politician to be proven a hypocrite in hilarious fashion...


Today In Important Political Lessons: You Can't Offer NCAA Tournament Tickets For Campaign Donations


Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp brewed up a little bipartisan and college feuding over the NCAA Tournament after he tried to give away tickets for donations.


If Peeing Your Pants During A Campaign Speech Is Cool, Then Consider Juan Manuel Santos Miles Davis

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During a speech to launch his re-election campaign, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos didn't slow down as he wet the front of his khakis.


A Stupid Rule Is Keeping An Adorable Dog From Running For Mayor In Texas

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A man was trying to get his Westie on the ballot for the mayoral election in Irving, Texas, but some anti-dog rules are keeping it from happening.


Some Of America’s Most Powerful Politicians Live In A Rat-Infested Frat House For Old Men In D.C.

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Remember college? Yeah, well, three of the most powerful people on Capitol Hill can't get enough of it, apparently.


An Old White Man Won An Election In Texas By Pretending To Be Black

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Here's one way to win an election: be a white guy and pretend to be black.


Federal Employees Can Now Get Free Vibrators During This Government Shutdown

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The folks at are offering federal employees free vibrators during the government shutdown.


London’s Brent Council Is Replacing Its Receptionists With A Hologram Named Shanice

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The council of London's borough of Brent is replacing human receptionists with a hologram that has a limited ability to answer questions.

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Was This Female Iranian Politician’s Election Overturned Because She’s Too Pretty?


After an Iranian woman was elected to her city's council, she was inexplicably denied the job and some people believe it's because she's too pretty.


The Man Who Tried To Sell The Video Of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Has Been Arrested

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Mohamed Siad, one of the men who tried to sell a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack, was arrested in a massive raid back in June.


Video: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Called Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner ‘Batsh*t’

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MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, while speaking about Anthony Weiner's most recent sexting partner, referred to Sydney Leathers as 'batsh*t' on air.


Of Course People Want To Know If Eliot Spitzer Is Having Sex With Prostitutes Again


Thanks to Anthony Weiner's latest batch of lewd messages, people are asking Eliot Spitzer if he's been canoodling with any escorts since his scandal.

spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines Took A Shot At Anthony Weiner Again With Another Zany Ad


Just like in 2011, Spirit Airlines has launched an ad campaign that makes fun of Anthony Weiner's latest extramarital online affairs.

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