Politics As Usual

Wearing Your Hoodie In Public Could Soon Be A Crime. No, Seriously.

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Oklahoma legislator plans to propose a bill outlawing hooded sweatshirts.


Watch Hillary Clinton Duck A Shoe Thrown At Her During A Speech

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Flashback of Muntadar al-Zaidi <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2008/12/size-10">the infamous Bush shoe-thrower</a> in 2008, anyone?


FBI: We Had Rev. Al Sharpton On Payroll

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The Smoking Gun takes aim at civil rights activist's past history with the feds.


Comedian John Oliver Parodied Those Dumb GOP Millennial Ads Because Someone Had To


Few things are certain in life, but Republicans' continuing bumblef*ck in courting Millennial voters is one of them.


LeBron James, Obamacare’s Newest Pitchman

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Obama's calling on all his famous friends to pitch in to bring uninsured to Affordable Care Act before deadline.


Anthony Weiner Made The 2013 West Indian Day Parade His Own

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Seeing as how I'm not from New York, I can appreciate Anthony Weiner in a totally different light than those who might end up under his watch were he to win his mayoral bid.

Politics As Usual

Lawmaker Calls For Military Occupation Of Chicago To Stop Gun Violence

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One Illinois lawmaker wants a drastic change to occur in the Chicago streets.

The European Union (EU)

The U.S. May Have Been Spying On European Allies

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It was easy to dismiss North Korea's threats as the renegade dictatorship puffed its chest out and raised its voice during the first quarter of 2013.


“The Chosen” – Review Of Termanology’s Politics As Usual

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Words by Khalid Strickland Contrary to what the mainstream media wants us to believe, there’s still a large contingent of rap fans who like their music rough-around-the-edges.


Termanology’s Politics As Usual Release Party

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Words By Khalid Strickland In sports, there’s no love lost between New York and Boston.

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