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zombie poop cruise

Against All Odds, The Poop Cruise Has Returned To Haunt Our Dreams In Zombie Form

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Hide your wife. Hide your kids. The Poop Cruise is back. In zombie form, no less.

when it's over

The Poop Cruise Is Causing Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath To Cancel His 90s Music Concert Cruise Thing

By | 2 Comments

The Mark McGrath and Friends Cruise is no more, and we have the Poop Cruise to blame.


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Sues Carnival Cruise Lines For Naming Its Poop Cruise The ‘Triumph’

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I'm kind of pissed at myself for not seeing this coming. It was virtually begging for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to weigh in, no?


Here Is A Clip From ‘Today’ Of A Woman Hitching A Ride On A Great White Shark

By | 22 Comments

"The Today Show" aired a clip of a woman hitching a ride on a great white shark's fin this morning, and now I am TERRIFIED.


It’s Like CNN Was Begging Jon Stewart To Blast It Over Its Relentless Coverage Of The ‘Ship Of Stools’

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If you've watched CNN at all in recent days you know that the network has essentially devoted itself to the nightmare poop cruise. Take it away, Daily Show.

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