Allow Adult Swim’s ‘Smart Pipe’ To Turn Your Poop Into Useful Information

By | 7 Comments

Adult Swim's latest mock infomercial wonders what the world would be like if our waste could contribute to our social media accounts.


California Hopes To Save 67 Million Gallons Of Water With This Poop Joke


California is in the grips of a pretty serious drought, so one grassroots campaign is hoping to help with a poop joke.

Movie Posters

Will Sasso Used Photoshop Magic To Fix The ‘Worst Movie Poster Ever Released’

By | 10 Comments

The poster for Will Sasso's new movie 'Hit by Lightning' is hilariously bad, so the actor took matters into his own hands to make it better.


'Total Divas' Episode Recap: The One With All The Icy Hot In Nattie's Butt

By | 29 Comments

Nattie's strange feud with Summer Rae finally got interesting on 'Total Divas', but not before she broke Daniel Bryan's 'No pooping' rule.


Here’s An Important Reminder To Never Upset The Bakery That’s Making Your Cake

By | 12 Comments

A New Zealand bakery owner became fed up with an indecisive customer and sent her a cake that looked like poop and a note that read: 'Eat sh*t.'


Allow Charmin’s Social Media Department To Sum Up The BCS Championship Game

By | 5 Comments

With two humorous Tweets, the people behind Charmin's Twitter feed perfectly summed up the excitement of the BCS Championship Game.


Don’t Ever Grow Up, Internet: The Very Best Olympic Pooping Diver Photoshops

By | 11 Comments

Yesterday, the above picture popped up on this Reddit thread (or possibly here first, according to Internet police) with a series of other divers photoshopped on the toilet, and quite frankly I’ve never been so proud of the Internet.


Peyton Manning Seems To Be Fond Of Denver

By | 9 Comments

Back before the sports news world was dominated by stories about how stupid the Orlando Magic is for not giving Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets or how everyone should love and worship LeBron James now because he won the NBA Championship or how something called the Summer Olympics is about to happen, there was the NFL, which also had news.

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