A Fecal Transplant May Have Just Offered Dramatic Proof That Obesity Is Caused By Gut Flora

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A woman got a fecal transplant and may have accidentally helped prove a link between gut floral and obesity.


Test Subjects Were Unable To Tell The Difference Between Filtered Sewage And Bottled Water

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It's only a matter of time before we're all drinking poop water, so get used to it people.

Poop Gangsta

Police In Ohio Have Arrested A Man Known As ‘Poop Gangsta’ For Allegedly Shooting A Man Christmas Eve

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The details behind the crime are forgotten as soon as you discover police have arrested a man named 'Poop Gangsta.'


Allow This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant To Teach You How To Poop Like A Caveman

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In case you ever find yourself needing to communicate with cavemen, you now know how to tell them you need to 'drop a deuce.'


Channing Tatum Shows Jimmy Kimmel His Daughter’s Marlon Brando Poop Face


Channing Tatum revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that his daughter looks like Marlon Brando when she poops.

nature is beautiful

Know What Sucks About Diving With Whales? Being Sucked Into A Whale Poop Whirlpool

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Not only are whales no longer cool, but chocolate milk is off the menu and 'Free Willy' is ruined.


Here Is Bill Gates Drinking A Glass Of Water That Used To Be Human Poop

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The Janicki Omniprocessor has the power to turn sewage into clean water and energy, and Bill Gates couldn't be happier to drink from it.

shit express

A New Poop Delivery Service Made $10,000 In Its First Month Of Business

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A new service called 'Sh*t Express' will send completely anonymous, personalized horse poop to you or anyone of your choosing.


Police In England Are Looking For A Serial Pool Pooper Responsible For Shutting Down A Water Rave

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Someone pooped in the pool and now everyone has to leave. What a party pooper.


All Aboard The Poop Express: There’s A Bus In The UK That’s Powered Entirely By Sh*t

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"Bio-Bus" seats up to 40 people and runs on the biomethane gas that's produced from the treatment of sewage and food waste.


Can You Resist The Quality Of Nick Offerman’s Handcrafted Wood Emojis?

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Emojis are so hot right now and Nick Offerman is trying to corner the communication market by using his special skills.


Listen To Adam Pally’s Intensely Awkward Vegas Poop Story From ‘Conan’

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Adam Pally stopped by 'Conan' to talk about his epic toilet trouble during a recent trip to Vegas and the reactions are priceless.


Slipknot’s Dreams Of Burning Camel Poop At Their Music Festival Have Now Been Dashed


You can take away a man's oil drums filled with burning camel dung, but you'll never take away his DREAMS.


An Indiana Teenager Was Arrested For Leaving A Waitress A Tip Covered In Sh*t

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I don't care how bad your service was, there is never, ever an excuse for leaving a waitress a tip covered in human sh*t.


Slipknot Has An Upcoming Music Festival Which Will Intentionally Smell Like Burning Camel Poop

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Slipknot's upcoming 'Knotfest' is going to feature an 'official smell' or burning camel feces. \m/


Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog Is Hereby Anointed The Strangest Sh*t Today


ADHD is ruining more childhood memories with 'Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog'. But seriously, why does he do that with poo?

viral video

News Reporter Touches, Smells Human Sh*t On Television Broadcast

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St. Louis's KSDK 5 reporter Elizabeth Matthews is such a serious journalist that she picked up a handful of human crap in her bare hands.

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