For Your Consideration, Here Is A Baby Projectile Pooping During A Photoshoot

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A photographer had a new dad hold his nude baby for a newborn photoshoot and then the baby did what babies do.


The Latest ‘First Kiss’ Parody, ‘First Sh*t’ Is Both Funny And Horrifying

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Funny Or Die's First Kiss Parody, First Sh*t, just put an end to the First Kiss parodies.


A Company Will Soon Offer A VIP Public Restroom In New York City For $8 A Plop

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This summer, people in New York City will be able to poop and shower on the run thanks to POSH Stow and Go's VIP public bathrooms.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Dog Take A Huge Dump On A Soccer Field

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A dog (let's call him Hero Dog) invaded a soccer field, evaded players and pooped on the pitch. This is an important sports story.


SCIENCE: Dogs Align With The Earth’s Magnetic Field When Pooping

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Science has provided some insight into that why the baffling process every dog goes through prior to taking a dump takes place.


You’ve Been Pooping All Wrong, Says Purveyor Of Fine Pooping Accessories

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I hate to break this to you, but you've been pooping all wrong. Prepare to have your life changed, y'all!

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