The Internet Re-Created A Bunch Of Classic Paintings With Modern Celebrities


Here are a handful I thought you guys would enjoy most, beginning with a well-timed interpretation of Steve Carell.


Grumpy Cat Had An Art Show Once. It Wasn’t Awful.

Grumpy Cat, the little Ron Swanson in the form of a snowshoe cat, is now the subject of The Grumpy Cat Art Project to raise money for a playground.


Nicolas Cage As Everyone In 'Iron Man 3'? Nicolas Cage As Everyone In 'Iron Man 3'


Last we checked in with UPROXX's favorite Brazilian Nicolas Cage photoshop enthusiast, Matheus Candido, he was re-imagining The Hobbit with a bit more Cage.


Here's A Composite Of All Of Jerry's Girlfriends On 'Seinfeld'


It's as real and fabulously diluted as you hoped.


The Pop Culture Mashup Art Of Isabel Samaras Is Making A Better Yesterday Today

Isabel Samaras is a pop surrealist painter whose newest exhibition, Making A Better Yesterday Today, opens at Varnish Fine Art this Saturday.

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