A Pixar Artist Turned 25 Classic R-Rated Movies Into Kid-Friendly Drawings


Pixar artist Josh Cooley makes "Goodfellas" fun for kids.


Every Tarantino Movie Death: The Graphic


Placing the one-off icons from the "kill key" is especially fun memory work.


These Valentines Can Get It: Official 'Parks & Rec' Cards For The Wingless Angel In Your Life


Time to pick out one for that extra special lady or dude friend in your life.


The Rap Coloring Book Is Here To Help You Delightfully Pass The Time


Don't fret, a rap legend, a tank top enthusiast, and Tumblr are here to cure your boredom.


Just In Time For Halloween Night: The Claire Daines Cry Face Mask Is Now A Reality

Just in time for all you costume procrastinators/fans of acclaimed dramas to pull something together at the last moment.


The Oatmeal’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Hair Vs. Violence Graphic Makes Almost Too Much Sense


Since we went a day without using the Breaking Bad tag -- for shame! -- I'm happy to share with you this tremendous piece of work drawing the connection between hair length and propensity for violence on the show.


No One Will Ever Believe You Colored In The Bill Murray Coloring Book


I could get into dubstep if it took a Bill Murray angle, so the I was already sold before I read "Bill Murray Colouring Book," despite the gratuitous "u.


Hanksy's Ferrell Cats May Be His Masterpiece, Introduces The World To Ron Purgundy

It's been several months since we've checked in with anonymous street artist Hanksy and we've missed out on all sort of developments in the life and times of everyone's favorite Banksy-parodying Tom Hanks enthusiast.


What If Other TV Families Had 'Game of Thrones'-Style House Sigils?

Have to hand it to College Humor: when they nail something, they really nail it.


Tyrion Lannister Is The Fictional Political Symbol We Can All Get Behind


In these divisive political times I've been in search of a singular message that everyone who doesn't suck should be able to get behind.

Steven Seagal

The Grammatical Analysis Of Steven Seagal Movie Titles The World Didn't Know It Needed


If you've never done yourself the favor of looking over Vince's "Incredible, Interchangeable Films of Steven Seagal: A Gallery" I encourage you to do so before checking out the full Steven Seagal movie title analysis by Pop Chart Labs after the jump.


Film's Finest Beards Get The Fan Art They Deserve


I'm a sucker for pop culture art and all things facial hair (even on ladies as long as they're introduced as "handsome"), so Beards by Chris Thornley couldn't be more up my alley.


Troy Vs. Abed: Choose A Side With Blankateers And Pillowmen Propaganda Posters

Tonight marks part two of the Greendale civil war between Abed Nadir's Pillowmen and Troy Barnes's Blankateers.


The ‘Mad Men’ Cast Gets ‘Archer’-ized


As we're making our transition from all the Archer you can handle to all the Mad Men you can handle our talented buddy Jon Defreest has run to the rescue with this new original that should really be the banner image for Sterling Archer Draper Pryce.


'Community' Relationships 101 Is Your Online Refresher Course For All Things Greendale


We've got an unofficial Community Week going as we inch our way closer to tomorrow night's much anticipated return, so it's my pleasure to keep the streak alive with this "Community Relationships 101" graphic from CableTV.com.

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