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Taylor Swift Allegedly Pulled A Sam Smith, Except On Herself

By | 3 Comments

Can you tell the difference between Swift's "Blank Space" and "Style"?

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Someone Has Unleashed Four Never Before Heard Spice Girls Demos On The World

By | 6 Comments

Somehow the world has four 'new' Spice Girls songs, thanks to the mysterious uploading of unreleased demos to Sound Cloud.


The Backstreet Boys Tell Their Story In ‘Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of’

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In the trailer for their new documentary, the Backstreet Boys explain what it's like to become the Backstreet Men.

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Check Out The 1988 Aerobic Workout Mashup Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

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A heroic Taylor Swift fan created this mashup for her song 'Shake It Off,' but Swift herself sat down with Yahoo to talk Spotify and 'SNL.'


How Many Of ‘The 20 Catchiest Songs Of All Time’ Have Been Stuck In Your Head?

By | 11 Comments

Researchers have determined the "catchiest songs of all time", which really means "the songs with recognizable hooks since 1940".

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Cheesy Pop Music Videos That Had No Business Appearing On ‘Beavis And Butt-Head’

By | 18 Comments

Before vlogs dominated the music review landscape, there existed two respected and biting music critics...


Guess Who’s Been Kicking It With One Direction Lately?

By | 5 Comments

Danny DeVito will be starring in One Direction's new music video.

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Sheamus Called Out Justin Bieber In Dubai And Yes, That’s A Real Headline

By | 15 Comments

WWE's Sheamus was asked which celebrity he'd most like to fight, so he called out Justin Bieber. We were really hoping he'd say 'Danzig.'


Attention: WWE’s Lana Was Once The Lead Singer In A Pop Group Called ‘No Means Yes’

By | 24 Comments

In one of her many pre-fame roles, WWE's Ravishing Russian Lana was the lead singer in a pop group called 'No Means Yes' signed by Ne-Yo.

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5 Reasons Iggy Azalea Is The Biggest Pop Star In The World Right Now

By | 50 Comments

Iggy Azalea is Beatles-level popular right now. How did she get here?

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Farrah Abraham’s New Song ‘BLOWIN’ Is Everything You’d Expect From A Teen Mom Porn Star

By | 86 Comments

'Teen Mom' turned porn star Farrah Abraham has released a pop song entitled 'BLOWIN' and it's going to make you question everything.


Not A Bad Sports Joke: Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Was Inspired By George Brett And The Kansas City Royals

By | 10 Comments

New Zealand pop sensation Lorde's first hit 'Royals' was inspired by the Kansas City Royals, and I swear to God I'm not making that up to be funny.


Michael Jordan Watched The Miley Cyrus '23' Video And Had The Appropriate Response

By | 7 Comments

Michael Jordan watched the Miley Cyrus '23' video and had the appropriate response. Also, Hulk Hogan parodied her for some reason.


What’s The Fox Say? The Most Informative Music Video Ever Has The Answer.

By | 5 Comments

Please enjoy (or at least stare confusedly at) this music video, "The Fox", from the Norwegian talk show 'I kveld med YLVIS'.

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Miley Cyrus Is Calling Her New Album ‘Bangerz,’ And Somehow That’s Not The Worst Part

By | 10 Comments

The covers for the regular and deluxe editions of Miley Cyrus' upcoming album BANGERZ (seriously) are here. Yes, they are ironic, don't worry.


Watch Elton John Sing ‘Your Song’ Over 43 Years

By | 9 Comments

A YouTube mashup of Elton John singing "Your Song" over the past 43 years is the only video you should watch today.


Girls Generation Is Still Terrible At First Pitches

By | 6 Comments

As an unapologetic stan for The Wonder Girls, I like to throw shade at Girls Generation whenever I can.

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