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Pope Francis Will Sell Off His Ritzy Gifts In Raffle For The Poor

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The Vatican announced a raffle to sell off the Pope's various gifts. Proceeds of the raffle will go to charity to help the less fortunate.


Seth Green Denies Eating A Booger On ‘Conan,’ But We All Know He Totally Ate That Booger

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Seth Green returns to Conan to deny the time he ate a booger on the show. Decide for yourself where the truth lies!

pope francis

Pope Francis Wants All Of You Young People To Get Off The Damn Internet

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Pope Francis might think the Internet is a gift from God, but that's not stopping him from telling teens they spend too much time online.


Here Are The Pope’s Top 10 Secrets To Happiness In Adorable Animal GIF Form

By | 4 Comments

Pope Francis recently shared his Top 10 Secrets to Happiness, but they needed something extra for the Internet audience.


The Pope Blessed Russell Crowe, Just Not His Movie

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The Pope has blessed Russell Crowe while declining to watch his movie.


The Pope Canceled His Meeting With Russell Crowe :-(

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Russell Crowe wanted to meet with The Pope, but he said he gave up Australians for Lent.

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Watch Pope Francis Totally Drop The F-Bomb During His Sunday Blessing

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Following Sunday blessing, Pope Francis went out drinking with a bunch of bikers.

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The Pope Is Selling His Harley-Davidson… Wait, What?


The Harley-Davidson gifted to the Pope last year will be auctioned off next month to benefit a charity for the homeless in Rome.

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