Baby Gives Daddy The Stink Eye


This baby girl can barely hold her head up and she's already giving her father nasty looks.

Guinness Book of World Records

Say It Ain’t So! People Think The Man With The World’s Largest Arms Is Juicing

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When the people at <a href="">the Guinness Book of World Records released the 57th edition</a> of the most important book to women with facial hair and men with webbed toes back in September, one man was quite pleased to open the book and see his picture next to the title, “World’s Largest Arms”.

archie manning

Wilco Brings Popeye Back To Life In ‘Dawned On Me’ Video

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According to the description <a href="">on the video's YouTube page</a>, this collaboration between Wilco and King Features is the first hand-drawn Popeye's cartoon in over 30 years.



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Because sometimes parody is unnecessary, here's the actual <a href="" target="_blank">Variety</a> headline for this story: "Popeye to pop eyes in 3-D".

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