Wesley Matthews

The Likely Length And Amount Of Wesley Matthews’ Deal With The Mavs

Wesley Matthews has given the Mavs a verbal agreement. But people aren't sure for how much or how long, since it'll depend on DJ and LMA.

2015 NBA Free Agency

How DeAndre Jordan Directly Affects Robin Lopez Agreeing To Terms With The Knicks

A weird impasse has settled between free agent Robin Lopez and the Knicks. He's reached a deal, but the caveat is no DeAndre Jordan.


Damian Lillard Is Flying To Los Angeles To Re-Recruit LaMarcus Aldridge

Damian Lillard isn't giving up hope for LaMarcus Aldridge's return. In fact, he's flying to Los Angeles to try and convince the forward to stay.

2015 NBA Free Agency

Arron Afflalo Allegedly Agrees To Two-Year, $16 Million Deal With Knicks

A reasonable contract for a competent NBA role player? Do we even know you anymore, Knicks?


Why Portland’s ‘Plan A’ Of Signing LaMarcus Aldridge AND Greg Monroe Won’t Work

The Portland Trail Blazers want to offer both LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Monroe max contracts. Here's why that's dumb.

2015 NBA Free Agency

The Blazers Are Reportedly Giving Damian Lillard A Huge Contract Extension

LaMarcus Aldridge might not be coming back, but Blazers fans can rest easy about their other star.


Could The Lakers Try To Sign Both LaMarcus Aldridge And DeAndre Jordan?


Los Angeles is getting meets with both star big men, so why not dream big?

#2015 NBA Draft

Our 2015 NBA Draft Grades Feature A Full Report Card For Every Team


The Heat and Timberwolves sit at the top of the class, while the Hawks and Hornets lag behind.

2015 NBA Free Agency

LaMarcus Aldridge Reportedly Told The Blazers He’s Not Coming Back

The momentum for this has been building for a while. The first domino for an insane offseason is about to fall.

2015 NBA Free Agency

The Rockets Will Purportedly Seek Kevin Love And LaMarcus Aldridge In Free Agency


Now the Rockets are getting in on the power forward frenzy, with reports surfacing they're eyeing Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge. It ain't even July.

2015 NBA Offseason

Report: Portland Will Send Nic Batum To Charlotte For Gerald Henderson And Noah Vonleh


The Portland Trail Blazers made the first shocking move of the summer.

2015 NBA Offseason

Who Is A Better Comeback Candidate For Greg Oden: The Hornets Or Mavericks?


Or maybe even with Memphis. We break down which is the most likely landing spot for the star-crossed big man.

Wesley Matthews

Good News Blazers Fans: Wesley Matthews Says ‘I Heal Very Quickly’

Woe is Wesley Matthews, but he doesn't appear to look at his rough run of luck like those of us on the outside looking in.

san antonio spurs

Hundreds Of Fans Gathered At The Airport To Welcome Home The Spurs

Following a heart-breaking loss in Game 7 against the Clippers, hundreds of fans gathered at the airport Sunday to welcome home the Spurs.


THE SIGHT OF THE GALLOWS: Experiencing The Blazers’ Playoff Desperation First-Hand

DIME went to cover the Portland Trail Blazers' only two home games during the playoffs. It was a bittersweet experience.

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