Holy Photoshop Disaster, Look At This John Stamos Movie Poster

By | 27 Comments

How does a poster like this ever see the light of day?

spike lee

Poster Designer Is Suing Spike Lee For Ripping Off His Oldboy Poster

By | 43 Comments

Spike Lee has been sued by alleged Oldboy poster designer Juan Luis Garcia. We eagerly await the creatively-capitalized response.


Let’s Shamelessly Overanalyze The New ‘Interstellar’ Poster

By | 12 Comments

'Interstellar' has a new poster. Quick, let's overanalyze it!


The ‘Community’ #SixSeasonsAndAMovie Campaign Posters Are Pretty Cool

By | 43 Comments

What official TV campaign would be complete without official graphics parodying an already iconic movie poster?

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lionsgate Released 16 New And Charming Character Posters For ‘The Expendables 3′

By | 17 Comments

These new posters for 'The Expendables 3' make the film look more like a buddy comedy than a bloody action movie.


Channing Tatum Looks Like An S&M Cowboy In The ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Poster

By | 28 Comments

Channing Tatum is rocking the tight leather and heavy guns in the new trailer and poster for 'Jupiter Ascending.'


This Week In Posters: March 13th, 2014

By | 40 Comments

Johnny Depp is here to remind you that the singularity is wearing eyeliner, in this week in posters.


‘Suck It, George Washington': ‘Veep’ Season 3 Has A Glorious New Poster

By | 4 Comments

The only thing that makes me happier than the new Veep Season 3 poster is how Julia Louis-Dreyfuss unveiled it to the world on Twitter.

#game of thrones

The Official ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Poster Will Be In Dorm Rooms For Decades

By | 12 Comments

The "Game of Thrones" crow will look great next to your Pink Floyd poster.

#Bryan Cranston

That’s One Gigantic Lizard In The Newest Poster For ‘Godzilla’

By | 35 Comments

The new poster for the latest Godzilla movie shows the biggest lizard ever taking on San Francisco.


This Week In Posters: February 20, 2014

By | 47 Comments

We've got your breakdown of this week's best and worse posters, including one where Chris Klein plays a brainy author.


These Photoshops Of Bobbleheaded Superheroes Will Suffice, Internet

By | 4 Comments

Superheroes tend to have a big head, but this is ridiculous. Please enjoy these posters of bobbleheaded superheroes including Iron Man, Thor, and more.


Now THAT’S How You Poster

By | 18 Comments

Designer Jay Shaw shows all the other poster designers how it's done with his posters for Drafthouse Films' A Field in England.


This Week In Posters!

By | 54 Comments

This Week in Posters is back! This week, we run down the usual batch of mismatched names and faces, plus Captain America, 22 Jump Street, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and more.


These Posters For The Polish Erotic Film Festival Are Pretty Great

By | 14 Comments

These posters for the Polish Erotic Film Festival offer sexy twists on some of the classics. And by that I mean they have penises and vaginas in them.


Hulu’s New ‘Community’ Promos Prove Once And For All Hulu Gets ‘Community’ Better Than Its Own Network

By | 31 Comments

These new and most excellent Greendale testimonial posters prove once and for all Hulu gets Community and its fans.


Here’s A Humongous Poster Featuring Every Character Ever On ‘Futurama’

By | 12 Comments

Believe me, they're all there: every character from "Futurama."


Church Teens Battle a Demon from a Porno Mag in Christian Found Footage Movie

By | 76 Comments

Church teens do battle with a demon released from a porno mag in The Lock In, a Christian found-footage movie from Holy Moly pictures.


The Apes Look Even Angrier In ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’

By | 45 Comments

These new posters for 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' reveal some seriously angry apes.

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