Two Major Pot Busts Went Down This Week, Including A Secret Underground Farm In Brooklyn

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The other was a record-breaking bust near San Diego, where authorities confiscated 15 tons of pot worth $19 million.


Watch Sarah Silverman Smoke Pot And Make A Veggie Pot Pie On ‘My Drunk Kitchen’

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Sarah Silverman lights up a joint and cooks some delicious treats on the popular web series.

jimmy kimmel live

Watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Quiz Marijuana Dispensary Customers On Current Events

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Jimmy Kimmel held a Pot Quiz and people missed some big questions while still showing a mastery of apple bong construction


Worst Stoner Ever Traded A $160K Diamond For Just $20 Worth Of Weed

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Walter Earl Morrison stole the pricey diamond from an airport and then proceeded to trade it for pot.


Coming Soon To The Denver County Fair: Joint Rolling Contests

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Already billed as an unconventional affair, the Denver County Fair is adding marijuana-related competitions this year, including a joint-rolling contest.


A Toronto Man Tried To Buy Pot On Twitter, Was Mocked By The Police And Lost His Job

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A mechanic in Toronto lost his job at Mr. Lube after he Tweeted for a drug dealer to bring him some pot and the York Police Department responded.


A Brief But Impassioned Defense Of Jennifer Lawrence's Weed-Smoking Ways

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Jennifer Lawrence was photographed smoking a joint, a joint filled with WEED! Leave Jennifer Lawrence alone!


Armie Hammer’s mugshot is the popped collaredest

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People truly underestimate the PR value of a pleasant-looking mugshot.



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I feel like I saw this a while ago, but it's a slow news day so screw it: this is a short film by Brett Froomer about "the world's oldest stoner.

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