Power Rankings: Jew And Improved

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When other websites do their power rankings, they're pointless and stupid.


Power Rankings: Do You Still Like My Pancakes?


When other websites do power rankings, they suck like a barium enima.

Power Rankings: Everyone's Hornier In Texas

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When other sites do power rankings, they're the dumbest things ever.

Tailgating This Weekend? Power Rankings Think You Deserve To.

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The weekly power rankings is a collection of the greatest things that have ever happened.

Power Rankings: Pass The Pig

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When other sites do power rankings, it's some of the worst writing on the planet.

Power Rankings: Old People Are Lookin For You. They Gone Find You. They Gone Find You

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When other sports sites do power rankings, they're tedious and stupid.

Power Rankings: Protecting The Honor Of Bacon


When everyone else does power rankings, they’re redundant and stupid.

Power Rankings: Gisele, Jersey Shore Shenanigans, And Wendy’s Bacon

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Friday afternoon means cutting out of work early and nonsensical power rankings.


The Gnarliest Power Rankings Ever


Get out your knee pads and Neosporin to keep those boo-boos away, it's an extreme power rankings in honor of this weekend's X Games festivities.


Power Rankings: Bacon Flavored Booze, Soccer Babes, and America

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It's the Friday before the Fourth of July, and what's more American than power rankings.


Power Rankings: Double Down Your Cats in Space, It’s the Smart Play

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If there's one thing I love, it's nonsensical rankings for my own personal enjoyment.

Power Rankings: Teletubby Technicolor Bacon Edition

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When other media outlets do power rankings, they’re just pointless, stupid filler.

Whachu Talkin’ Bout, Power Rankings?


<a href="">1. Gary Coleman.</a> We always think more of people after they're dead, and Arnold Jackson will be no exception.

Bacon Burgers With Peanut Butter, Hot WAGs Top Power Rankings

By | 10 Comments

Fridays mean two things: power rankings, and gratuitous drinking.


Power Rankings, Starring ‘Heart Attack On A Plate’


When other websites do power rankings, they're just idiotic conjecture.

Power Rankings, With Beatboxing Mutt


I'm blowing out of here a bit early to try out for the Redskins (they need a white running back as much as anyone), so Power Rankings are coming a bit early today.

Power Rankings, With Extra Hair Care Products


When everyone else does power rankings, they're just a soul-crushing way to spend the end of the week as they wait for work to end.

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