The Prancercise Lady Is Back With A Friend And Boy Is It Incredible

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The Prancercise lady is back and wow, this video is so much better than the first one.


Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux Went To Hawaii And All We Got Was This Lousy Instagram

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US Women's National Soccer Team stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux went to Hawaii, wore swimsuits and were kind enough to Instagram it for all to enjoy.


With Leather’s Watch This: Badminton Players Ain’t Nothing To F*ck With


How many times do we have to see this happen before the World Association of Professional Badminton Association of America puts its foot down and declares, “Enough already.

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John Mayer’s ‘Paper Doll’ Is Probably A Taylor Swift Diss Track, Right Down To Its Prancercise-Laden Video

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Despite the fact that he's 12-years older than her, John Mayer apparently wrote "Paper Dolls" as a response to Taylor Swift's harsh "Dear John" song.


Thor Gets Into The Prancercise Fitness Craze (GIFs And Video)

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The God of Thunder is making sure he doesn't become the God of Thunderthighs with the hot new fitness craze sweeping the nation: Prancercise.


Because It’s Friday: Shed Some Unwanted Pounds Through ‘Prancercise’

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If I had to ballpark a figure, I’d say that I’m overly cynical about 82.

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If You’re Not Doing The ‘Prancercise’ Fitness Workout, You’re Not Exercising Right

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The future of exercise is a 1989 workout tape for '"Prancercise." Yes, prancing is involved.

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