Trickster Heroes Hilariously Tamper With Electronic Road Sign Leading To Jersey Shore

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On a road heading towards Atlantic City, NJ, someone tampered with this electronic road sign intending to warn of changed traffic patterns.


Watch This Elaborate And Terrifying Paranormal Ghost Prank This Guy Pulls On His Friend

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In this clip, a Prague man stages an elaborate ruse using multiple cameras and friends to terrify the holy living sh*t out of his friend.

This Russian Guy Just Filmed The Best Oculus Rift Reaction Video


A Russian guy riding a virtual roller coaster on the Oculus Rift gets pranked by his friends.


Because It’s Friday Afternoon Before A Holiday Let’s Watch People Get Pranked With Money Fishing

By | 2 Comments

There's really no "bad" time for watching people get pranked with money fishing.


An Entire Minor League Baseball Team Played An Amazing Prank On Jeff Francoeur


This is the best press Jeff Francoeur has gotten in a decade.


Smart Car Flipping Is The New Cow Tipping And No Smart Car In San Francisco Is Safe

By | 22 Comments

Vandals in San Francisco are targeting Smart Cars: Terrible or kind of hilarious?

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This Devilishly Awkward Prank A Student Played On Her Teacher Might Be The Year’s Best April Fools Moment

By | 6 Comments

A clever student uses her professor's strict anti-cell phone policy against him, with hilarious results.


Chris Petersen Played The Old 'New Uniforms' Trick On The Washington Huskies


Washington Huskies coach Chris Petersen proved that he's only creative in the playbook as he tried to prank his players with ugly uniforms.

#Justin Bieber

Music Artist PAZ Replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber CDs With His Own New Mixtape For April Fools' Day

By | 4 Comments

Los Angeles-based EDM artist PAZ replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber 'Believe' CDs in stores with his own new mixtape.


A South Carolina Woman Thought A College Shooting April Fools' Prank Was A Good Idea

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A South Carolina woman texted her daughter that she was hiding in a bathroom at a college after she her gunshots, but it was just a bad April Fools' prank.

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The Five Best Gaming Pranks That Went Online Today

By | 10 Comments

There were some pretty good gaming pranks today, but these five are our favorites.


20 April Fools' Day Pranks That Probably Won't Make You A Terrible Person

By | 5 Comments

To help you prepare for the upcoming holiday, we've collected 20 April Fool's Day pranks which aren't completely terrible things done by awful human beings.

Social Media

Five Things You Shouldn't Do On Social Media On April Fool's Day

By | 3 Comments

If you have to play a prank on social media on April Fool's Day, here's how to make it at least amusing.


Here Are 10 Of The Best (And Worst) Corporate April Fools Pranks Ever Pulled On The Public

By | 3 Comments

Your jokester uncle isn't the only one skilled in the art of pranking. "The Man" has also got a few tricks up his sleeve on April Fools' Day.


‘Unethical Hacks’ Is Hiring A Tuba Player To Follow Rob Ford Around Like On ‘Family Guy’

By | 10 Comments

Taking a page from 'Family Guy,' Unethical Hacks wants a tuba player to follow Toronto mayor Rob Ford around for a day.


This Is What Happens When You Ask Your Friend To House-Sit And He Gives Reddit A Photo Of Your Home

By | 8 Comments

When a guy asked his friend to watch his house while he was on vacation, he never expected him to enlist Reddit's help for some hilarious photoshops.


Watch This Guy Hilariously Crash Peoples’ Cell Phone Conversations At Disneyland

By | 3 Comments

Greg Benson of MediocreFilms does the lord's work by prank crashing strangers public cell phone conversations.


This Starbucks Bouncer Won't Let Anyone Get Their Coffee In This Hilarious And Nightmarish Prank Video

By | 4 Comments

What would you do if you couldn't get your coffee in the morning because of a Starbucks bouncer? Nothing, because you haven't had your coffee.


The Minnesota Twins Played A Delightfully Mean Prank On Mike Pelfrey


Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire played a little NCAA Tournament prank on his pitcher and Wichita State alum Mike Pelfrey.

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