Pregnancy announcements

This Lesbian Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Cooler Than Yours Could Ever Be

By | 12 Comments

Two women announce their pregnancy in one of the most pop culture-relevant ways -- and answer questions on Reddit about it.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Zoe Saldana Used The Ice Bucket Challenge To Show Off Her Baby Bump

By | 5 Comments

Acknowledging and confirming the rumors that she's pregnant, Zoe Saldana passed off her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to her husband.


Christina Aguilera Supposedly Wants To Do ‘Playboy’ After She Pops Out Her Second Kid

By | 10 Comments

We have to hand it to her, that's a heck of a motivation to drop the baby weight.

ryan gosling

Hey Girl, Here’s An Open Letter To All The Ladies Heartbroken Over Ryan Gosling

By | 20 Comments

Plenty of normal women are upset that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby, but it's okay, girl.

ryan gosling

Eva Mendes Might Be Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby And The Internet Is Going BANANAS (UPDATE)

By | 23 Comments

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes might be having a baby together and the collective women of the internet are, uh, not taking it well.


Mila Kunis Filmed An Important PSA About Men Saying ‘We’re Pregnant’

By | 3 Comments

Mila Kunis would like for men to stop saying "we're pregnant."


Hayden Panettiere Is Pregnant With The World’s Tallest Or Shortest Baby

By | 9 Comments

Hayden Panettiere's baby will either be a Mountain, or a Tyrion.


Boomer Esiason Has A Problem With Daniel Murphy Taking Maternity Leave, People Have A Problem With Boomer

By | 24 Comments

Boomer Esiason is raising the bar for HOT SPORTS TAKES this week with his ridiculous opinion on Daniel Murphy's maternity leave.


Insane Alaskan Senator Thinks That Women Should Have To Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking In Bars

By | 9 Comments

An Alaskan senator want to make women have to take a pregnancy test before drinking. But without fetal alcohol syndrome, we might never have had Sarah Palin!


How One Woman Learned She Was Pregnant From Reddit GoneWild

By | 5 Comments

Dr. Reddit GoneWild suggested a topless woman might be pregnant. She was.


Pregnant Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher To Star In 'That Baby Show'

By | 15 Comments

There's going to be Kutcher spawn soon, courtesy of Mila Kunis.


A Texas Wife Proved That Newspapers Are Still Alive With This Awesome Revenge Ad

By | 7 Comments

It seemed like a sweet way to congratulate a couple on their pregnancy until you realize that it's part of one pissed off woman's revenge plan.


We Also Regret To Inform You That Scarlett Johansson Is Pregnant With Her First Child

By | 9 Comments

This has been a rough few days for anyone who’s got an infatuation on some of Hollywood’s most crushable women.


Lil Kim Is Going To Be A Mom

By | 3 Comments

Rapper Lil Kim announced last night that she's pregnant and expecting her first child.


This Super Mario Bros. Baby Announcement Changes The Game For Expecting Couples

By | 6 Comments

Taking baby announcements to a whole new level, this Super Mario Bros. GIF raises the creative bar for your Facebook friends and their Prego jars.


‘PUSH!’ The Women in Labor Supercut

By | 4 Comments

Thanks my slippery stairwell, I've never had to worry about a woman giving birth to my child, but I know exactly what happens in the delivery room thanks to Hollywood.



By | 3 Comments

Ellen Pompeo, who mopes and pouts her way through "Grey's Anatomy" as the magnetically sexy Dr.

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