Did Joey Fatone Just Confirm Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel’s Pregnancy To The Media?

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We have a feeling Justin Timberlake might not have wanted Joey Fatone to tell everyone about his unborn baby.


The Internet Says Stephanie McMahon Is Pregnant, So Let’s All Jump To Conclusions

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Is Stephanie McMahon being written off television to have a another little Helmsley-McMahon? The internet sure seems to think so.

Paul Rudd Helped A Couple Make Their Baby Announcement In The Most Adorable And Appropriate Way

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Paul Rudd helped a young couple announce their big baby news in perfect fashion.

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Billy Eichner Doesn't Like Basketball So He Held A Pregnant Lady Trivia Contest Called 'The Vaginal Four'

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Billy Eichner couldn't care less about March Madness. But he does care about pregnant ladies.


Meet The Pregnant CrossFit Mom Who Drew The Ire Of Morons On Facebook

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If I had anything to be proud of other than my Bobby Cobb penny can autographed by the entire cast of Cougar Town, I guess I might be tempted to brag about it in a public forum, but since the majority of people on the Internet are sadistic, sad monsters, I’ve grown kind of fond of keeping things to myself.


Fake Pregnancy Prank


A young lady dresses up as a pregnant woman and confronts random men with their worst nightmare, generating some priceless reactions.


Some Women Are Selling Their Positive Pregnancy Tests For $25 On Craigslist

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Want to prove your pregnant, even if you're not? Buy a positive test from Craigslist.


Pregnancy Announcement Surprises Very Excited Grandma-To-Be


A woman's family sends her on a scavenger hunt to find a very special birthday present.


Little Girl Explains Mommy’s Pregnancy


Adela has a sibling on the way, and she'd like to quickly and casually tell you about it.


Pregnancy Announcement Reaction Compilation


The best reactions to surprise pregnancy announcements the Internet has to offer, all in one video.

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Taiwanese Animation: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Baby News


Kim Kardashian's pregnancy gets the always absurd <a href="">Taiwanese animation</a> treatment.


Woman to Give Birth to Her Grandchild


Faced with cervical cancer at a young age, Emily Jordan underwent a radical hysterectomy in 2010.


Pregnant Women Are Smug


Everyone knows it, nobody says it, because they're pregnant.

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