#Star Wars

Will The First ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Feature Han Solo And Boba Fett?

By | 15 Comments

Han Solo and Boba Fett might be going toe-to-toe over Death Star plans.

#Star Wars

Aaron Paul Finally Weighs In On Those Han Solo Rumors

By | 24 Comments

Is there a Han Solo prequel, and is Aaron Paul playing him? Paul has the answer to one of those questions.

#Star Wars

Natalie Portman Says The ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Nearly Ended Her Career

By | 53 Comments

Natalie Portman nearly saw the biggest role of her career end it, because the Star Wars prequels really were that bad.


Tom Hiddleston Will Fight Giant Monsters On ‘Skull Island’

By | 3 Comments

Tom Hiddleston will star in a sensitive period piece. Just kidding, he'll be fighting big-ass monsters on 'Skull Island.'

King Kong

‘King Kong’ Prequel ‘Skull Island’ May Have The Perfect Director

By | 7 Comments

'Skull Island' is moving fast, and may have already found the best possible director.

uh ok

'The Matrix' Is Getting A Prequel Trilogy

By | 30 Comments

Apparently there weren't enough bad movies in the Matrix franchise to satisfy Warner Brothers, so we're getting three more.

#video games

There’s Another Tekken Movie Coming, And It Might Be Amazing

By | 9 Comments

'Tekken' was a terrible movie. But the prequel has some actual talent behind it this time.


Hugh Jackman’s New Job: Trying To Kill Peter Pan

By | 5 Comments

Specifically, he'll be Blackbeard in a Peter Pan prequel. Yes, they're making a Peter Pan prequel.


This Week In YESSSSSSSSSSS: The BBC's 'Luther' Is Getting A Prequel Movie

By | 21 Comments

Among the many, many recommendations that people have made for me when it comes to Netflix viewing, Luther is far and away the best one.

the dark crystal

Want To Write A ‘Dark Crystal’ Prequel? The Jim Henson Company Is Hiring.

By | 6 Comments

Of course, there are a few strings attached. But hey, you could write a prequel! That's never ended badly!

#X Men: Days of Future Past

And now Hugh Jackman is back in the next X-Men

By | 35 Comments

Bryan Singer made two X-Men movies, then Brett Ratner made a third, but it sucked, so Matthew Vaughn made a prequel to the first two with a new cast, and it was pretty good again.


‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Is Definitely Getting A Sequel?

By | 22 Comments

Last July, David Wain started hinting while promoting other films that he and his fellow former State members were floating the idea of a reunion for a Wet Hot American Summer sequel.


Alan Moore On The Watchman Prequels: “Completely Shameless”

By | 9 Comments

Yesterday DC Comics announced "Before Watchmen", a set of prequels to Watchmen being made without the involvement of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (details and all the cover art released so far available here).


DC Makes It Official: The Watchmen Prequels Are Coming

By | 2 Comments

A couple months ago, Rich Johnston claimed DC had some prequel comics to Watchmen in the works, and we've explained why we're pretty psyched about that.

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