Ruth Bader Ginsburg Admits That She May Not Have Been ‘100% Sober’ During The State Of The Union

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg went 'night night' during President Obama's 2015 State of the Union. Here's why.


Watch A Frustrated President Obama ‘Thank Obama’ When His Cookie Is Too Big For His Milk

By | 7 Comments

President Obama partnered with Buzzfeed to make this cute video.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Made John Legend Squirm When She Revealed The Best Place They’ve Had Sex

By | 10 Comments

Unlike her husband, Chrissy Teigen was all too happy to talk about the best place she and John Legend have had sex in public.

#The Interview

Seth Rogen On ‘The Interview': ‘It Truly Seemed Possible That Our Movie Might Just Cease To Exist’


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg sat down for an interview with Variety, opening up about the Sony Hack and getting 'The Interview' released.


President Obama’s Version Of ‘Uptown Funk’ Is Too Hot (Hot Damn!)

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The President Obama mash-up of 'Uptown Funk' may be the superior version of the song. "Don't believe me? Just watch."


Yes, GloZell Green Just Said Dick To The President Of The United States

By | 10 Comments

YouTube comedienne GloZell Green basically called Fidel Castro a dick to President Barack Obama during his YouTube interview.

Charlie Hebdo

Watch John Kerry Apologize To France With James Taylor And The Song ‘You’ve Got A Friend’

By | 3 Comments

Secretary of State John Kerry brought James Taylor to france to sing a song about friendship.


Bradley Cooper Says President Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Appearance Was His Idea

By | 3 Comments

Bradley Cooper told Howard Stern the amazing story behind President Obama appearing on 'Between Two Ferns' with Zach Galifianakis.


The U.S. Struck Back At North Korea For The Sony Hacks With Additional Sanctions

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The White House said a proportional response was coming and now they've unleashed sanctions on North Korea for their role in the Sony hack.

#Fox News

Fox News Used False Claims About Sprinkles As Proof That President Obama Plans To Ban Christmas Cookies

By | 31 Comments

Fox & Friends says the FDA and Obama are coming for your sprinkles. They're not.


James Woods Is Seriously Still Hinting That President Obama Is A Muslim

By | 26 Comments

James Woods is no stranger to letting his opinions be known on Twitter, so his Christmas musings shouldn't shock anybody.

#The Interview

North Korea Is Now Comparing President Obama To ‘A Monkey’ Following The Release Of ‘The Interview’

By | 24 Comments

North Korea is obviously not happy that 'The Interview' was released and they're blaming President Obama, calling him "a monkey."

#James Franco

James Franco Burned President Obama While Celebrating Sony’s Decision To Release ‘The Interview’

By | 8 Comments

It's safe to say James Franco is pretty stoked about the news that 'The Interview' is going to be released after all.


How ‘Trading Places’ Inspired ‘The Eddie Murphy Rule’ In 2010’s Sweeping Wall Street Reform Bill

By | 16 Comments

The 1983 comedy 'Trading Places' revealed a loophole in in commodities exchanges that the Eddie Murphy rule was designed to close.


President Obama: Had Sony Talked To Me ‘I Might Have Called The Movie Theater Chains’

By | 12 Comments

President Obama revealed that he would've stepped in to aid Sony Pictures before they canceled 'The Interview.'


Anonymous Claims They Will Release ‘The Interview’ Themselves In This New Series Of Tweets

By | 85 Comments

Anonymous took to Twitter to voice their anger at the cancellation of 'The Interview,' vowing to release the movie as a Christmas gift.

#The Interview

Here’s How Sony Could Release ‘The Interview’ Without Going Through Theaters Or Netflix

By | 15 Comments

Now that Sony has canceled the theatrical release for 'The Interview', VOD options are on the table, but could Sony stay in-house?

#The Interview

President Obama: Sony ‘Made A Mistake’ By Pulling ‘The Interview’

By | 75 Comments

President Obama had some strong words (for a politician) about "The Interview"

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