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Watch President Obama’s Full Interview With Stephen Colbert On ‘The Colbert Report’

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Watch Stephen Colbert's complete interview with President Barack Obama on The Colbert Report.

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President Obama Delivers His Own Word On ‘The Colbert Report’ Tonight

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The Commander in Chief will be taking over Stephen Colbert's desk for his own version of 'The Word' on tonight's 'The Colbert Report.'

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Nobody Was More Annoyed With This Year’s Turkey Pardon Than Sasha And Malia Obama

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Malia and Sasha Obama brought an A+ side-eye game full of teenager contempt to the turkey pardon as their dad cracked embarrassing jokes

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Sean Hannity: Jon Stewart ‘Has His Head So Far Up Obama’s Ass He Cannot See Clearly’

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Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity just took their war of words to several new levels.


Watch A Racist C-SPAN Caller Say ‘Republicans Hate That N***** Obama’ During A Live Broadcast

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A C-SPAN caller says "Republicans hate that n***** Obama" during a live segment, before the host can cut him off.


Watch Michael Jordan Call President Obama A ‘Sh*tty Golfer’ As Only He Can

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Here's a reminder that Michael Jordan says whatever the hell he wants.


President Obama Disappointed A Young Girl By Not Being Beyoncé

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Once again, President Barack Hussein Obamacare has let our country down

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‘This Week In Unnecessary Censorship’ Takes On The NFL, President Obama, And Ebola


Another entry in 'Unnecessary Censorship' celebrates the return of the NFL and our ongoing fear of Ebola. Also plenty of local news.


Barack Obama Needs One Less Problem, Sings Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’

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Baracksdubs is back with a mashup of Ariana Grande's "Problem" as sung by President Barack Obama. Yeah, he's got problems.


Passionless Obama Sleepwalks Through Ferguson Press Conference, Weary Nation Weeps

By | 73 Comments

President Obama held a press conference today to address the increasing turmoil in Ferguson. It was not really all that well received.


Barack Obama’s Still In The Murda Bizness, Sings Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’

By | 2 Comments

Baracksdubs is back with a mashup of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" as sung by President Barack Obama. Oh you fancy, huh?


THANKS OBAMA: 10 Times Barack Obama Was The President Of The Internet

By | 16 Comments

It's Barack Obama's birthday, so let's look at all the times the President of the United States was also the President of the Internet.


The Wall Street Journal’s Hacked Facebook Said Air Force One Crashed In Russia

By | 4 Comments

The Wall Street Journal posted on Facebook that Air Force One went down. They were hacked.

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The ‘Walking Dead’ Actress Who Mailed Ricin To President Obama Was Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

By | 17 Comments

Proving once again that mailing deadly substances to your elected leaders can prove harmful to your acting career.


President Obama Asked A Texas Man If He Was Gay, Leading To A Priceless Exchange

By | 51 Comments

President Obama walked into a Texas restaurant and asked the cashier if he was gay. It gets even better and better.

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