Sarah Palin Paid Tribute To Martin Luther King By Slamming President Obama On Her Facebook Page

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Sarah Palin never manages to disappoint. You know what to expect and there she appears, spreading her brand of wisdom.


‘What The F*ck Is Wrong With Us?’: Jon Stewart Brings Sanity To The Obama-Raul Castro Handshake Outrage

By | 38 Comments

The Daily Show knows exactly where the line is between defensible and indefensible, and we're all the better for it.


Add President Obama To The List Of People Who Have Taken A Selfie At A Funeral

By | 58 Comments

President Obama posed for a selfie at today's memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Cue Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh becoming fully erect.

meat is murder

Morrissey Brought His Genuine Brand Of Joy To Thanksgiving

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The outspoken singer set his sights on Thanksgiving and President Obama in the most Morrissey of fashions. It seems that meat is still murder, who knew?

fox and friends

Fox News Reported On A Fake Story Demonizing Obama From A Satirical Website

By | 39 Comments

Fox News continues to be excellent with their hard-hitting coverage of fake news stories.


Obama’s Former Campaign Tech Team Weighed In On The Great GIF Debate

By | 29 Comments

At the Webby Awards ceremony last night, President Obama's former campaign CTO Harper Reed and others weighed in on the great GIF pronunciation debate.


Write A Letter To Obama And You Might Get A Handwritten Letter From Him In Return

By | 11 Comments

A little boy wanted to invite the president over for dinner, so his mom wrote a letter to the White House. They received a handwritten note in return.


Jon Stewart Rips Obama A New One Over Drones Hypocrisy

By | 11 Comments

Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart took the president to the proverbial woodshed over a secret memo on drone strikes. BUUUUUURRRRRNNNNN!


Rep. Peter King Busted Taking Cell Phone Pic Of Jay-Z And Beyonce Prior To Obama’s Inauguration Speech

By | 13 Comments

TV cameras today caught a hardass GOP congressman snapping a photo of Jay-Z and Beyonce with his cell phone prior to Obama's inauguration speech. HILARIOUS!


Did Obama's Reddit AMA Help Him Beat Romney And Win The 2012 Election?

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Remember when Obama did a Reddit AMA in the closing weeks of the 2012 campaign? Political reporter Michael Hastings thinks it helped him beat Romney.

connecticut school shooting

Obama: ‘Our Hearts Are Broken…As A Country, We’ve Been Through This Too Many Times’

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President Obama just cried on national television. That pretty much captures precisely how absolutely terrible today is.

dumb traditions

It's Up To You, America: Obama Will Pardon The Turkey With The Most Facebook 'Likes'

By | 4 Comments

So it's come to this: a turkey's life hangs in the balance as Facebook has found a way to creep itself into one of this nation's time-honored traditions, the pardoning of a turkey by the president.

2012 presidential race

Any Political Ad Featuring Samuel L. Jackson Is Destined To Be A Great Political Ad


Samuel L. Jackson would live a few words with all you would-be voters. Four words specifically: "WAKE THE F*CK UP!"


Lindsay Lohan Has Concerns About Obama’s Tax Plan, You Guys

By | 6 Comments

Here's what I imagine happened after Lindsay Lohan came home last night after a long day of shooting softcore porn for Bret Easton Ellis with her porn star co-star and to see the Democratic National Convention on TV...


OMG Obama Is Doing A Reddit AMA RIGHT NOW

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The President of the United States is spending his afternoon hanging on Reddit. We are so f*cked.


Megadeth Lead Singer Accuses Obama Of 'Staging' Mass Shootings In Aurora & Wisconsin

By | 6 Comments

It's been a while since we've heard from Rick Santorum-supporting birther Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of Megadeth. He and the band are apparently on some sort of world tour at present. Let's check in with him to see what he has to say, shall we?

#video games

President Obama Tells America’s Damn Kids To Stop Watching ‘Real Housewives’

By | 26 Comments

In remarks to the National Urban League today, in describing America as a land of opportunity, President Obama suggested that America's youth were spending too much time doing frivolous things to <a href="">grab hold of those opportunities</a>.


Kim Dotcom Calls Out, Taunts Obama In Hilariously Awful Diss Track

By | 5 Comments

Look, I know what you've been thinking. You've spent countless hours looking up at the stars thinking, "Man, when is that new Kim Dotcom track gonna drop?" Well wait no more, tortured soul. It's here.

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